Makeover with Carla & Marie – Wedding Special

Makeover with Carla & Marie – Wedding Special
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Summer is officially here and with temperatures soaring, a change of wardrobe is very much needed. During summer, our wardrobes tend to have less layers and also show a little more skin than our winter or autumn ones. The question now is how do we feel about that? Are we conscious of our bodies and not sure about what to wear when summer approaches? We will be discussing these issues – and more – during our June makeover, which is full of tips on how to dress to impress this summer!

Aman, please introduce yourself to our readers:

Hello, my name is Aman (pronounced Um-un). I live and work as a teacher in Dubai and have done so for the past couple of years. It’s been really great to avoid the fridge-like temperatures of Canada in the winters, but I’m also relieved to avoid the summers here.

What made you feel you needed the help of Carla & Marie and what do you expect from this experience?
It’s been a long school year and any teacher can tell you that by the end of school you look and feel like a mess – especially when you work with little ones! I was feeling run down by the heat and wanted Carla and Marie to make me feel taken care of. I wanted to step out of my norm and that’s exactly what I got from them – even when I tried to resist!

Now, let the makeover begin!


We would like you to answer the following questions:
What are your favourite and least favourite colours when shopping for clothing and accessories?
Does colour have an emotional meaning to you, in the sense that depending on your mood you dress in one colour or another?

We are going to answer these questions by analysing our client Aman. After testing warm and cool colour fabrics near Aman’s face, we discover that cool colours like blue, white, purple, black and pink are her colours, whereas yellow, green and browns are a no-go for her.

Now, we wonder whether Aman normally buys these colours or not. Her answer to this is both yes and no. Our client tends to play it safe by choosing neutral colours like black and white, which are her right colours, but why not be a little bolder when it comes to colours she can wear? After this thorough colour analysis and our chat with Aman, we believe she will start opening up to the wonder of cool winter colours.

Moving on to the second topic of colour, don’t you feel that there are days you want to hide a few extra pounds by wearing black? Or when you have a date night or a birthday party, you may choose to wear red or pink for example? Well we couldn’t agree more, and so too does Aman. In fact, there are several studies around the topic of colour psychology, where it is proven that colour choices influence perception and how we come across at first sight. So our advice is to search for the meaning of each colour, so you can send the right message depending on the occasion!

Our client has admitted she adores yellow gold but what has our silver vs. gold analysis revealed? Our silver and gold fabrics clearly indicate that Aman looks so fresh and radiant with silver. In other words, silver and white gold in her accessories and garments are a definite winner, whereas yellow gold ages her and makes her look pale. Therefore, we advise our client to stay away from this precious yellow metal .

A makeover is never complete without a good hair and make-up transformation, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be a dramatic change or a complete transformation. Our aim has always been to flatter the person from every aspect, by bringing to the outside all the beauty from within. As we do every month, we have taken our client to our favourite salon, Maison de Joelle. As expected the hair stylists and make-up artists have done a super job! Let’s go through the details of the beautifying process.

Aman came to us with pitch black hair and gorgeous natural curls. At first, we were wowed by the quality of hair and the amount of it. Following a chat with her, we determined that keeping the length was very important as it gave her personality. Also, Aman is very tall so it made sense to keep her hair long. When it came to hair colour, we stayed within the cool tonality and chose an aubergine shade that not only softens her complexion but gives her an extra spark that makes this choice extra special. Make-up also had to be in line with her cool undertone, hence a pink shade of lipstick and black eyeliner was a winner. The colours blend so well that she looks so fresh and natural. Isn’t she a beauty?

Summer 2017 comes strong with one of @thestylistes favourite trends: floral prints, so we decided to embrace it with this month’s makeover outfit.

When it comes to Aman’s outfit selection, we had no hesitation! A floral on floral overall look with matching jacket and trousers is bang on trend. This not only looks stunning on our client’s gorgeous hour glass figure, but it gives her that ‘wow” factor we were looking for. By breaking the floral print with a solid salmon tank top, we have given her an extra bit of style. We feel that this combination of layers, prints and textures is daring, stylish and a must have this summer.

But let’s not forget the accessories! We believe the right details can transform a good look into a ‘killer look.’ The elegant earrings elongate Aman’s face, the belt adds detail to her outfit and accentuates her waist, and finally the hat brings out the chic bohemian look we were looking for.

We are fully aware that bold prints take time to digest and get used to. That’s why we want to give you a few tips to embrace prints of any sort and incorporate them into your wardrobe ASAP!

Investigate and choose your favourite prints: whether floral, stripes, animal prints, geometric, arabesque, there are hundreds available in the market. Experiment, try them on and have fun!

If you have a curvy body, select small to medium size prints to appear smaller. The smaller the print, the smaller you appear. The opposite applies to slim body types, bigger prints will add volume to your appearance.
Mixing prints is incredibly stylish but be careful as it can also kill your look. An easy tip is: ‘match colours and mix prints’ or ‘match prints and mix colours.’ For example, combine a floral jacket with striped trousers but keep them all in shades of blue and white.

Don’t be frightened! Once prints are understood, they definitely add personality and individuality to your look; just start by familiarising yourself with them. We hope you enjoyed this makeover and found our tips useful. We wish you a wonderful summer!

At first it was all excitement over what clothes I’ll get to try on and what they might do to my hair. But then the reality of not having control sunk in. Fortunately, my worries were calmed by Clara and Marie on our first clothing trial. They had me try on the suit I’m wearing – and let’s just say I wasn’t a fan! So they allowed me to take things back to my comfort zone with jeans and a white tank (styled amazingly by them of course).

All was great in my mind by the time we left the fitting. When I got home my friends convinced me to try something new and to trust the stylists. After seeing their well styled Instagram pictures it convinced me to let these ladies take over my look completely. So when I arrived to the photo shoot I was pleasantly surprised that they had their original choice of outfit for me ready, in case I changed my mind. It was as if they knew how my mind worked! Trusting them was the best idea. I loved my total look by the end. From the hat, earrings and even to the full floral suit, which I had resisted in the beginning.

Photography: Vania Attieh (
Hair & Makeup: Maison de Joelle
Aman’s outfit:The Kooples
Aman’s earrings: Wafa by wafa (IG: wafabywafa)
Carla & Marie’s Wardrobe: The Kooples
Image Consultants: Carla Otero & Marie Auffret (IG: thestylistes)
Location: Jumeirah Islands

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