Maison Micallef

Maison Micallef
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An iconic work of art with perfume-seducing connoisseurs from all over the world.

There is a one remarkable moment in the Perfume Micallef story which I discovered during my visit to Grasse, the world capital of perfumes. Maison Micallef was the first company to mix Oud oils with French formulations resulting in enormous success in 54 countries.

As an example, we can discover the Secrets of Love collection, one of the unique perfumes of Delice and evocative of the bewitching mystery of Oud Wood. Not only does the perfume impress you, but the bottles are decorated with fine lines, assembled like little cages of love, luxuriously finished in colours of gold.

Martine Micallef with her artist’s soul, instinctively developed her talents in designing, painting and sculpturing. Her consistency in creativity and her rich cultural heritage ensure the ever-growing success of the brand.

Another eye-catching perfume collection is Ananda; refined fragrances with a touch of the unexpected, contained in delicate, softly shaped bottles, encrusted with Swarovski crystals. All of these bottles are a piece of art and handmade in Grasse. Maison Micallef Perfume has been in Saudi Arabia for 18 years with a presence in Paris Gallery, a remarkable shopping destination.

Geoffrey Nejman opened his door to the world of perfumes in the mid 90s. Geoffrey has since been in charge of the Micallef scents creation. Together with Martine Micallef, he shares love and passion and manages the company working on the financial and structural growth. Martine Micallef has been surrounded by art since her childhood and now develops and designs the perfume bottles.

In the Micallef world you even can find special collections for weddings and the bottles can be personalised with a name or a message. And for our Middle East readers, the message will be unique.

Maison Micallef has two of its own boutiques, one in Grasse where perfume was born and established, and the second boutique of Micallef Perfume in Dubai.

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