#Lost In the Streets of Dubai with Carla & Marie

#Lost In the Streets of Dubai with Carla & Marie

How many times have you heard the concept of ‘street style’ in fashion? Surely, way too many times! But do you really understand what it means? To help you with that, we have taken to the streets of Al Satwa in Dubai, with the sole purpose of expressing our street style selves and bringing you some visuals and thoughts around this popular topic. In case you’re wondering, we have been inspired by a very cool campaign from All Saints called ‘Lost in New Orleans.’ This campaign is all about authentic people and their individuality; about losing ourselves beneath the surface of the city to find inspiration. Are you ready to get #LostIn the streets of our beloved city of Dubai?

It is very important to discover your own personal style; there is no right or wrong, just what makes you feel great about yourself, your state of mind, attitude and personality.


There is something about street style that screams cool, trendy and unique.

Street style is not only about fashion and the latest trends; it’s about people and their authenticity.

We love experimenting with fashion by finding sources of inspiration everywhere around us; the streets, books, even movies and music.

We view our style as a representation of who we are and our personal story; the life experiences that made us who we are today and who we want to become in the future.


The way you dress says a lot about you without saying a word.

You can start experimenting with street style by mimicking the outfits of people out on the side-walks or from your favourite Instagram accounts. Then ask yourself, what do you like about their style, mood and colours? Most importantly, have a think about whether the outfit fits your body proportions, optimal colours, personality and lifestyle. Then you are ready to go!

Credits Wardrobe: AllSaints (@allsaintsme) | Photographer: Arsan Hassan (@arsan_photography) | Stylists: Carla Otero & Marie Auffret (@thestylistes)









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