LIFE WITH CACAO – Where You Can Relax, Eat And Drink In Style

LIFE WITH CACAO – Where You Can Relax, Eat And Drink In Style
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Life With Cacao’s fame might be due to their exquisite selection of desserts, but we found out there is much more to this restaurant than meets the eye (or taste buds!).

Last week, we decided to visit Life With Cacao at Promenade Mall. We had already heard about this restaurant from friends and it seemed like a great place to relax and enjoy great food, so we wanted to try it for ourselves. From what we heard and read, we were expecting a fun venue with terrific desserts and a curious decoration. But, as it turns out, Life With Cacao had a lot more to offer – and we can’t wait to tell you about it.

From the moment we entered the place we knew we had made a good decision by going there. The décor in this new restaurant seems elegant and stylish, mixing warm and dark colours in a modern yet intimate way, despite featuring classical style furniture. Several design items were on display, giving us the feeling of entering something between an elegant café and an art gallery. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted by polite and welcoming staff making us feel immediately at ease. As we walked around the restaurant, we could see some of the desserts in the counter and being served, which immediately made us feel hungry and curious. We chose one of the many spacious tables (lack of space and comfort will certainly never be an issue at Life With Cacao) and decided to begin our meal.

As we sat down on the soft purple-colored vintage sofas, we asked for some suggestions of what we should try, in order to have a real taste of the menu. Life With Cacao, as the name indicates, is famous for its chocolate-based desserts, but we wanted to have a proper lunch before savouring the signature delicacies. The waiter was friendly and suggested a complete meal, with salad, a main dish, dessert and hot beverage. We were in for a long, calm and delightful experience.

We started by ordering some drinks. We asked for two juice-based ones and an extra, the Cooling Breeze, which had a wonderful presentation – deep blue in colour – making it look like an enchanted potion. On top of that, it was delicious and quite cool indeed! Besides that, we tried the Pomegranate Fusion and the lemon juice with mint, both clearly made from fresh fruit and well-decorated. The drinks were refreshing but not too intense, so the flavour did not interfere with the rest of the meal.

Then, we decided to try some Butternut Salad. The presentation was once again quite beautiful and the vegetables had a luxurious look to them. The salad was very well-seasoned and, as you can see by the picture, it was also well-served with an interesting variety of ingredients (pumpkin, onions, orange, lettuce, butternut sauce…) and colours. It was a great way to begin the meal and prepare ourselves for the main courses.

I decided to try the Steak Waffles Sandwich, which seemed to me to be an interesting twist between something usually used for desserts (waffle) and other ingredients. This dish came with some french fries and a special sauce to go along with them. Life With Cacao’s sauces are homemade, which gives them a distinctive taste difficult to replicate anywhere else. By doing so, they are able to make a routine food experience – french fries, for example, or the mix of greens inside the waffle sandwich – seem like a new discovery of flavours. Although the course filled me up, it wasn’t especially heavy food. It seemed like a good, healthy way to have a quick lunch and I would most certainly recommend it to friends working in the area looking for somewhere to spend their lunch break.

As for my friend Nathalie, she decided to try the Pink Pasta – this one looked a lot more like a gourmet dish, with cheese on top and cherry tomatoes with homemade sauce. Both courses were delicious, even though they were very different types of meals, which demonstrates the flexibility of the menu catered for various clients. Life With Cacao’s cuisine has the talent of being creative without affectation, surprising your taste buds in a fun and light way.

Even though we both ate well, we were still yearning to try some of Life With Cacao’s desserts. These artfully created inventions are what is making Life With Cacao such a success, so we obviously couldn’t leave without trying some. I decided to taste the Caramel Crêpe, a wonderfully designed dish worthy of the best crêperies of Paris with both liquid and solid caramel pieces and some ice cream on the side. My friend had the Berries Waffle, which had the perfect mix between sweet and sour, with fresh strawberries, blueberries and ice cream scoops covered with thin lines of liquid chocolate. The ice cream tasted especially good after a bite filled with warm caramel or chocolate, helping you to freshen up a little bit and making sure neither of the desserts ever tastes sickeningly sweet. The trick of Life With Cacao’s success with desserts must be this one – the harmony it creates between sugar filled ingredients and neutral ones. You might end up eating a lot more than you initially intended precisely because it does not feel like too much sweetness.

After indulging our sweet tooth, we couldn’t leave without trying the drinks that make Life With Cacao a celebrated coffee house: the cappuccino and the hot chocolate, Life With Cacao’s signature drink illustrating the passion for chocolate that gave rise to the franchise in the first place. It was a warm and soothing way to wrap up the meal, allowing us to chat and digest a little bit before getting up and making the rounds around the venue, taking in as much as we could of its décor and overall ambiance.

By the time we left, we were sure we would be coming back, either for another meal or to share a cup of hot chocolate or coffee with friends. Life With Cacao is the ideal place to have a relaxed time in style. The menu is not extensive but each meal is prepared with care and the quality of the ingredients used is obvious. You can choose to go for the desserts and taste some of that custom-made chocolate that has made Life With Cacao such a success, or you can follow our lead and try some of their salty dishes instead. Their homemade ice-creams are also quite a success with customers.
In case you want to bring some of Life With Cacao’s magic home, you can also purchase carefully designed chocolate truffle boxes, enrobed nuts or marshmallows. The wrapping is sober but elegant, which turns it into a pleasant and polished gift to your loved ones. In case you prefer a different kind of souvenir, Life With Cacao also have their own customized mugs so you can enjoy your homemade tea or coffee and serve it to friends and family. In addition, they also sell fondue sets so you can enjoy that great melted chocolate at home.

The location of Life With Cacao at Promenade Mall is one of the many available in Kuwait and across the Gulf region. In Kuwait they are present in Grand Avenue, 360 Mall, Salhiya Complex, West Mishref Coop, The Promenade and soon they will open a new location in the Al-Kout Mall. Abroad, they have recently opened a venue in the Mall of Qatar in Doha and in Al-Nakheel Mall in Riyadh in the ground floor opposite gate number 2, where they also have singles seating until 3pm on weekdays.

You can also rely on Life With Cacao for some catering, since they launched their ice cream Popsicle booth specifically for that in September. If you are interested, please contact or call 97237031 for reservations.

As you can see, there is absolutely no excuse to deny yourself the opportunity of visiting one of Life With Cacao’s restaurants. Whether you go there for lunch, for a snack, for a coffee or just to have some chocolate, you will certainly not be disappointed and you’ll be thinking about going back the minute you step out the door.

As for us, our next mission is to go over the dessert menu one more time – we decided to try all of them in the next few months, especially the much celebrated Bird’s Nest. What can I say, it’s the perfect excuse to go back and indulge myself some more in good company and flavours!




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