Jwaher Jewels

Jwaher Jewels

//by: Yassa//

Everyone knows that Saudi Arabia is the land of gold. “Saudi gold” remained to be the preferred gift for any occasion.
This demand in the market and her passion for jewelries inspired Sara Al Sudairy to establish Jwaher Jewels in 2018.

Tell us about yourself and how did you start in Jewelry Design?
Sara Al Sudairy has been an entrepreneur in online business since 2007.
I combined my childhood bead making, and my passion about jewellery when I grew up, with my background in IT and marketing, and established Jwaher jewels in 2018.

What is the inspiration behind your style and brand?
When we came up with Jwaher jewels we had in mind busy people .. a person who needs to buy a gift or to have a nice piece of jewellery and has a little time to shop.
Jwaher jewels is a same day delivery website (in Riyadh) and an international shipping website with a verity of jewellery designs to fulfill everyone’s style.

What makes your brand unique? What are your best selling items?
Our pieces made of gold, diamonds and gemstones have eye-catching designs with a focus on being both unique and timeless.
Our best selling items are the heartleaf earrings (shown in picture attached) and the Saudi design necklace (also show in picture attached)

How do you see the position of Jewelry Brands in Saudi Arabia? How has it evolved through the years?
I’m so proud of the Saudi jewellery designers .. they have some unique ideas and are working really had to establish their names and brands in a very important market.

How can Jewelry Design contribute to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030?
Small business development is a major factor in the Saudi 2030 vision .. it helps in enabling more people and having a stronger economy.

How do you see your brand in the next 5 years?
I love my brand & have strong hopes for it in both the short & long term. One of our main goals is to have Jwaher jewels as the leading online jewellery store in the world.

What do you think Saudi still needs in terms of expanding Jewelry style?
Saudi women are considered among the most fashionable women in the world. they have a unique style, and more Saudi women entering the jewellery market means more fashionable jewellery styles in Saudi.

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