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“If you want success you must make mistakes.”


Please introduce yourself to our readers.
I am Jeena Amin, mother of two beautiful children. I am an artist with a passionate personality and love of multiple angles, colours and handicrafts. I love innovation and creativity, whether artistic or intellectual. I am in love with reading and drawing, scrapbooking and travel. I love to immerse in different cultures.

Tell us about your education.
I am an artist but did not study art academically. I studied computer engineering at the American University of Kuwait. I suspended my studies to devote myself to my daughters and to follow my hobby drawing.

Tell us about your career journey.
As far as I can remember, my early childhood was filled with colours. My love for art began at a very young age. In 2015 I began painting figures of women on canvas. I had showcased many of my projects in recycled arts at the Again Expo in the Avenues Mall and Dar Alfnoon. In 2016 my painting was chosen as a cover for an art magazine and this was the biggest joy for me. During this year I was called by a TV channel for an interview.

How do you manage your time? Describe your average day.
My life is like that of any mother. I am called the ideal mother for my career caring for the life of my daughters. My day begins with coffee and I continue to encourage my daughters and their hobbies of art, music and sports. Then I go to my beautiful corner and my two workshops, start playing with colours or scrapbooks. Sometimes I set up an artistic workshop for my daughters to draw and make paper cutters.

What is your biggest strength?
My strengths are my eyes (they adore beauty), my mind (for thinking) and my creative hand (for performance).

Do you have any weaknesses?
I certainly have weaknesses but I’m not sure I want to talk about them!

Have you made any mistakes that have made you stronger?
I’m human so yes, I make mistakes. Learning from them is what makes me perfect and strong. If you want success you must make mistakes.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced during your career?
The world of art is great but even for someone who is good or the best, it certainly has challenges.

How do you stay motivated during challenging times?
With calmness, patience and control. This applies to my professional and personal life.

What do you do to relax?
To start with, I listen to good music. I also enjoy coffee, painting or reading.

What has been your proudest moment so far?
I am proud of my confidence in myself, which has helped me to face all the challenges and difficulties in my artistic and public life. I’m also proud of my determination to reach the top.

What is your biggest fear?
Failure to achieve the dream.

What is your favourite quote?
Life is a one time offer, use it well.

Name one item in life you can’t do without.
My Phone.

Best advice you have ever taken?
Believe in yourself.

Share three books on your nightstand.
I have a lot of novels and books, including:
-Staying Strong 365 days a year by Demi Lovato
-Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks
-Eat, Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbertقواعد العشق وقواعد العشق الاربعون ” جلال الدين الرومي”

In your opinion, what are the three keys to success?
Persistence, faith and passion.

What is next for you? What would you still like to achieve?
My ambition is to be a productive and influential figure at the same time in this life.

What advice would you give to young women starting out in their career?
Confidence in yourself is the most important factor in the stages of your life. You must be able to accept any criticism or mockery and turn it into a force that pushes you forward in the course of your life. Above all, love yourself and accept yourself as you are. Be proud of yourself.

How does it feel to be a CP Woman of Substance?
In short, I am very happy and proud of myself.

Your message for the team at CP magazine:
I wish you progress with your good, distinguished work. Thank you for your constant support for women, keep it up!


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