Innovation and Intuition: Meet the Ferrari California T

Innovation and Intuition: Meet the Ferrari California T
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Meet the Ferrari California T – a model designed by Ferrari and Pininfarina to blend the classic Ferrari style with modern and intuitive tech. It’s the Ferrari for those who want each mile to be a new experience. For those who want to drive a masterpiece.

When you get the opportunity to drive a Ferrari, you don’t hesitate. You take to the road and let it win your heart. And that’s exactly what we did earlier this week.
The CP team was let loose with a Ferrari California T – a Ferrari with traces of classic models, as well as new features and technology.
So we unleashed the California T on the roads of Kuwait. The weather couldn’t have been better as we cruised through the city with the retractable hard top roof down, and the radio turned up.
As usual our photography team and models came along for the ride and enjoyed shooting angles to show off just how impressive this model is.

A sharp design
The California T has a modern design with streaking curves and contours defining the car’s need for speed. The bonnet curves smoothly down, almost disappearing into the ground it hugs the road, limiting air flow underneath the car, giving you complete control and stability as you fly down open roads.

The athletic exterior pairs perfectly with the almighty roar that erupts from the vehicle with every acceleration.

Classic Ferrari enthusiasts will be pleased to hear though that whilst the California T is very much a modern car, certain features are inspired by models dating back to the 1950s. The muscular shape of this California was modelled on the Testa Rossa 250. This subtle inclusion reminds us of the history and progression of Ferrari models, and the spirit behind these famous sports cars.
We drove a white (BIANCO AVUS) model, with contrasting black roof trims, wheels and front grill. It was a colour choice that made the interior even more impressive.

The second you open the door to this masterpiece, you’re met with a bright red interior that epitomises the luxury and grandeur of Ferrari. And once you’ve taken your seat, the fun begins.

Piloting the California T
The sporty steering wheel features buttons and switches that give you complete control over everything from indicators, to the engine start/stop button. You can even swap between sport and comfort mode using the steering wheel.

The touch-sensitive electronic dashboard and on-board infotainment system allow you to check speed and driving information, control climate within the car, or navigate to a new destination. And of course with Apple Car Play you can connect your phone to receive hands-free calls, or listen to music.
As for the drive, you’ll find the car does most of the work for you. Every corner, every brake or acceleration is effortless. You’ll glide down roads at speeds and feel it responding perfectly to your commands. With such an intuitive and responsive vehicle, and with all the controls you need located on the steering wheel, you can drive long and winding roads with minimum movement.

The adjustable speed limiter is a feature that’s going to help you harness this car’s power. Once you’ve set the limit, the California T won’t let you break your limit.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride
As a Ferrari grand tourer the California T is as comfortable as it is stylish. It’s one of Ferrari’s concepts with four seats, making it a top choice for anyone wanting road trip companions. The two extra seats mean the California is perfect for anyone from individual professionals, to families.

The sports bucket seats make driving long distances comfortable and enjoyable. And every drive is an experience in itself. The retractable hard top, infotainment system and different driving modes give you the opportunity to make every drive unique.


Introducing the turbocharged engine
The most notable addition to this new California model is the ‘T’, which represents its new turbocharged engine.

The turbo engine takes exhaust gases, and recycles them, using them to give the car that bit more power. And it makes all the difference. You’ll feel the power behind this Ferrari with even the slightest tap of the accelerator.

But perhaps more importantly, it also reduces the car’s emissions, giving you a sports car that meets emission regulations.


The verdict
The California T isn’t a car for any one occasion. It’s a car for every occasion. In bad weather, with the roof closed it’s a comfortable space to drive and be driven in. In good weather, the retractable roof gives you the chance to take in 360 degree views and fresh air from the open road.

And whilst this might be a grand tourer model, it’s thrilling to drive on city roads as well as long country roads.

We loved every second we spent with the Ferrari California T, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to experience life in the fast lane.


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Tel. (+965) 1808010

Photography: Adel Javed @adelji
Directed by: Jameel Arif – @jameelarif
Asst. Director: Roshan Kovoor –
Model: Taatu – @taatu_official

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