In2Raw – The state-of-the-art rental studio for all your photography and video production projects.

In2Raw – The state-of-the-art rental studio for all your photography and video production projects.


In a country like Kuwait, where the outdoor temperature is not very supportive for outdoor photography, In2Raw is the latest addition to the indoor studio options in Kuwait. The studio options in Kuwait are quite limited and not up to standards required. Although, many photographers enjoy outdoor shoot projects but many shoots need a proper studio.
We met with the founders of the studio and learnt more about the place. One of the partners said that as a photographer himself in Kuwait, he always struggled to find the right place to carry out professional photoshoots and satisfy clients needs.

The partners came with the idea and agreed to work on the project as soon as possible. Both partners agreed and decided that if they were going to do this, they were going to do it right. They wanted to add elements that are not available in the market. The studio was designed with the needs of a professional photographer in mind and provides all the equipment and requirements that are usually requested by most clients and photographers.

The goal is to provide premium service, easy setup, state of the art equipment with affordable prices for the regular customer and a fair price for corporate clients.
Within the two months since in2Raw was launched, it has been able to attract business and corporate clients from an array of interesting fields. The space has been used for fashion shoots, yoga class videos, TV interviews, music videos and social media content shoots. The studio has also been able to accommodate all the creative needs of content creators and individuals for personal and family shoots. The studio has quickly become a hub for creatives from all fields to work together and inspire each other.

“It’s wonderful to witness all the creativity and ideas come to life and we truly are excited for what’s to come.” said one of the partners.

Both the founders are committed that the studio has a lot more to provide and they will continue to work very hard to ensure the studio space meets all of our clients needs and wishes.

In2Raw is located in Kuwait City, in City Tower, Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed Street, next to Al-Shaheed Tower and KIPCO.

You can follow them on Instagram @in2raw

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