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You know those people who just seem to have been blessed with some magical unicorn energy? The people who pass up going out because they say they have to go to the gym? Or the crazy-motivated people who get up at 4AM to run before a full day of work? Honestly, where do they get that kind of workout motivation from?

Maybe you are that person (congrats!) but maybe you’re not, and you wish you were.

Truthfully, moving our bodies is something we all know we should be doing, and this time of the year is the peak of our good efforts to get into an exercise routine that sticks.

“You can train your brain to crave the gym.”

Why Don’t I Have Workout Motivation?
You’ve probably noticed, though, that some people seem to naturally be more inclined to have fitness motivation to work out and make it a habit. Whereas others try to get into a routine year after year and struggle to make it stick.
There’s good news though! You can train your brain to crave the gym.
Those “crazy motivated” people? They’re no different than you. They weren’t born with a god-given inclination to be more or less disciplined with their fitness.
Workout motivation isn’t something that only certain people were blessed with by a magical fairy as a child. You are just as capable as your friend who is training for a marathon while completing a PhD, and you have just as much ability to “become” a fitness person as anyone else.

Why Don’t I Have Workout Motivation?

Follow These 6 Steps to Get More Fitness Motivation:

1. Understand the Science of Habits
We all know workouts are good for us. It’s been proven time and time again that exercise works to reduce anxiety and depression by balancing the ratio of neurotransmitters in our brains.

2. Realize That Motivation Is a Myth
Motivation is not some external thing that graces some lucky people and is lacking in others. Truthfully, you’d benefit from ditching the term “motivation” altogether, and instead replacing it with “discipline.” That’s where it all starts.

3. Schedule That Ish
pick a realistic time each day when you know you can get it done. Saying “I should really start doing that” and actually planning the times in your planner are two very different things.

4. Switch Your Wording
Try saying things like “I am so looking forward to my workouts today” (even if you’re not) and “I’m so grateful I GET to move my body and get stronger.” Your mind will follow suit.

5. Find Something You Enjoy
Find something that you actually enjoy, even if it’s hard to get started, and you’re halfway there.

6. Get Accountability
While it’s one thing to skip on yourself, a layer of accountability makes you far more likely to follow through on your fitness plans. Grab a friend or coworker with similar goals and plan a time to hit the gym before or after work.

Waiting for your motivation to “strike,” like some powerful, invisible, magical unicorn galloping into your life is as unproductive as it is untrue.

Implementing these tips will help you to commit to your goals and become a healthier you for the long-term, far beyond just summer or that wedding you want to look ripped for.

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