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Riyadh based Professional Lash Maker @starlashes_riyadh gives CP Magazine readers the most important recommendations about how to care for and save your extended lashes.

Lash extensions are beautiful, practical and popular. It’s convenient to wake up in the morning and not waste time painting on mascara – something that requires a lot of attention! Extended eyelashes need correction only every 2-3 weeks (although they forbid you to sleep on your tummy) and they look awesome, making your eyes visually larger. However, in order for eyelashes to serve you faithfully, you need to properly care for them.


So what do you need to know about the care of extended lashes?

Basically, in the first 24 hours after your eyelash extensions, avoid direct contact with water (this may dissolve the glue or ruin the durability). In the first 48 hours it’s not good to visit a sauna or a solarium. Also, forget about anything associated with high humidity and temperature. After 48 hours you can swim, bath or visit the sauna as much as you like!

These are the rules for daily care of extended eyelashes:
1. Avoid lying face down on a pillow while sleeping.
2. Do not use mascara. False eyelashes do not usually need tinting. But if you really want to, choose a water-based mascara which must be applied from the middle of the eyelashes to the tips. A waterproof mascara will only harm your eyelashes and solutions for removing waterproof makeup can completely dissolve the glue.
3. Try not to touch your lashes with your hands and do not run your fingers along them. This can cause your extended eyelashes to break, be damaged or fall off.
4. Do not use oily cosmetics or those which contain oils. Oils are the main enemies of the glue on which your extended eyelashes are held. If oils do not dissolve the glue, they will significantly weaken its resistance.
5. For washing, use only water-based gel products.
6. Do not curl your eyelashes with eyelash curlers – they will break!


Life hacks
In addition to the basic rules for the care of extended eyelashes, there are also methods contributing to the preservation of the appearance of eyelashes, which are essential to know:
Use a micro-brush for your eyelashes, this can come in handy to maintain the appearance of the glue. A brush will help eliminate bonding between each hair and assist in fluffing-up your eyelashes. But use it carefully without affecting the eyelash growth line (where the glue is).

You can use special tools that protect eyelash glue from negative environmental impact.

Use special nutritional tonics to strengthen and maintain the health of natural eyelashes. These are available for purchase and very easy to use. With a thin brush, you can gently apply the product along the line of eyelash growth.

And, of course, do regular eyelash extensions on time!

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