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I am amazed to see how the professionals in the medical field are no longer relying heavily on the disburse of medications on clients or not seeing the necessity to constantly trying to fix something with an operation. This is not to deny the benefits of medications and operations, as there should always be a healthy balance between the reliance on external factors to aid in healing as much as the reliance on the self. It is also important to note that medications and operations cannot help a person heal without the person doing some of the work, but there are circumstances where the person can do all of the work without any reliance on medication.


Why Are Medical Professionals Steering Direction?
The medical field is forever evolving as new research and discoveries are made. There were practices that happened as little as 20 years ago that have been abolished or would be considered unethical to be practiced today. There are medications that were given a couple of years ago that are heavily controlled now, if given at all. This is because it is realized that once the body is cut medically to be operated on, then that already puts the body at risk from exposure. Also because, just like medicine, it may cause permanent side effects or may not be successful in fixing the problem.

A lot of unbelievable research has been done in the last decade seeing the benefits of one’s own ability to heal itself. In fact, there are profound people such as a well-known neuroscientist who became paralyzed and was told his only option was surgery, which like all operations didn’t have a 100% success rate. He decided to try the method of healing himself. He deconstructed vertebrae by vertebrae in his minds’ eye every day until he was able to heal himself. It sounds very unbelievable, but he now carries retreated throughout the world that become sold out within minutes because of the positive feedback of attendees. He backs up his claims with science by bringing in independent researchers to his retreats to measure attendees before and after, which include MRI scans of the brain.

What can be Done with This Information?
The fact that the results of self-work can be measured to show the results it can have on overall health is a breakthrough in science. Think about all the times you have been to the doctors and when something serious is happening, they make it clear that you also have to make changes. The doctors are usually referring to lifestyle changes which can be eating more healthy, exercising, being in nature, breathing correctly or meditating. These all play a big role in our health and is some of the parts in our lives that should be done regardless. Meditation practices have been shown to regulate hormones and slow down brain waves. When brain waves slow down, it helps the body heal itself. If we put in the work consistently, then we give our bodies a fair chance. We have to want it bad enough in order to put in the needed healthy effort.

•Do not try to heal yourself without the help of a certified professional.

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