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When you arrive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the first question is usually where to dine. Riyadh now offers a unique experience at Goodies, with new and fresh Lebanese cuisine (the most popular cuisine in the Middle East).

One of the Goodies restaurants is located on Tahlia Street in the heart of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Authentic Lebanese cuisine has become a benchmark for how food should taste. Goodies use fresh organic seasonal flavours in an open kitchen. The guests can indulge in the unexpected vibrant pleasure of tasting the fabulous selection of Lebanese dishes from the most antique cuisine in the region. The dishes are listed by their principal ingredients so guests can make their selections and have their meal exactly as they wish. Particularly enjoyable is the BBQ section including kebabs from the charcoal grill, with tomato, pepper, onion, parsley and sumac – very tasty! And for regular customers, the daily fresh dishes and daily seafood catches will provide a flavoursome surprise each day.

Lebanese cuisine is noted for its fabulous mezze variety of foods and flavours including pine nuts, spicy meats, beans, olive oil, peppers, herbs, salads and pitta bread (which can be a complete meal in themselves). At Goodies, the main courses are also absolutely delicious and combine Turkish, Arab and Mediterranean cuisines into the exotic earthy flavours of the Lebanese style. Desserts are an absolute dream! Creams, fruits, pastries and baklawas are all prepared from natural ingredients.

Also, in the grand entrance of the restaurant, you will find a Tea and Coffee Bar. The open terrace is the perfect place to enjoy breakfast with a morning paper.

Goodies is an innovation, a one-stop-shop where the sophisticated spacious restaurant blends nicely with the gourmet food retail shop, all under one roof in Central Riyadh. You will find fresh meat at the live butchery and fresh regional fish alongside fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, pickles and conserves and Palestinian olive oils – everything for the perfect home cooking experience. The collection of sweets such as Lebanese kunafa and delicate French cheesecakes, are in line with the universal Goodies concept of freshness and perfection.

Goodies has become a premier dining destination in Riyadh, as a remarkable dining experience, with a unique high quality of fresh food shopping and a café for any time of the day or night. Goodies is everything for food!

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