Golbahar Khana – Excellent new Persian restaurant in Kuwait

Golbahar Khana – Excellent new Persian restaurant in Kuwait
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Kuwait is known to have a variety of restaurants with different cuisines from around the world. Recently, my friend and I were looking for a place to eat and decided to try Golbahar Khana, a Persian restaurant at Gate Mall.

Not only was the food top-notch, but we very much enjoyed the comfortable chairs, the calm environment and the hospitality of the restaurant’s staff. Also, I found it very interesting that the chef has 20 years of experience with Persian food, which adds to the credibility of the restaurant and explains how the food was so on point! Read further about my review on every dish as well as the restaurant’s service.
Because the place was chic, we expected the prices on the menu to be a little over average. However, to our surprise, not only was the food tasteful and made with high-quality products, the prices were extremely affordable; making it hard not to write a brilliant review on the restaurant!
We started our lunch meal with their outstanding appetizers: Hummus, Dolmeh (stuffed vine leaves) and Kashk Badenjam (spiced-up egg plant blend with crispy onions on top). The appetizers were served with delicious white Persian bread that remained soft even after it chilled. To wash away the day’s heat, we also ordered fresh lemon-mint juice that was very refreshing.

NOW allow me to divulge into the main dishes.
Just to try their very appetizing menu, we ordered three meals that ended up being the highlight of our day! Being a foodie myself, I have tried a number of Persian food joints, but nothing stood out like Golbahar’s dazzling grilled platters. We ordered Chapli Kabab (minced baby lamb cuts served with grilled veggies, saffron rice and salad), a specialty that only Golbahar in Kuwait serves, and it was absolutely delicious! Not only was the meat flavorful with an appropriate amount of fat, the platter itself was filling for those who love their food side-condiments! The rice was also well cooked and served with tomato sauce (Daqoos), the salad was unique and the plate was very presentable.

Next we tried their Chello Jojeh Barg (Persian Shish-tawuk, or marinated and grilled chicken skewers) which was also served with salad, saffron rice, garlic sauce and grilled veggies. The chicken was very well marinated and grilled to an appropriate point that made the meat tender and ready to devour.
Our next food item was the tender and juicy Chello Kabab Bargh platter (meat chops served on skewers) with saffron rice, tomato sauce, grilled veggies and salad. Each bite was tender and filled with flavor and spice.
The restaurant also serves a complimentary side dish of fresh vegetables with pickles and bread, presented by a friendly team of waiters and a very satisfying service. The manager came to the table to ask if everything was okay and to ensure that our orders were complete.
All in all, the food was amongst my top picks for grilled platters that come with competitive prices and lots of condiments, just how I like it!
After the meal, the restaurant served us complimentary Persian tea that came with saffron-sweetened sticks. Being a tea person myself, I absolutely loved the high quality tea and the sweet saffron sticks that added a nice touch to the flavor.
To end the meal on a perfect note, we ordered dessert that was the cherry on top of our meal. We ordered fried-sweet dough balls that were served with saffron sweet sauce in a cup.

I loved the food, loved the comfortable seating arrangement, appreciated the staff and would definitely go back there again. I highly recommend that you go there for your date, your anniversary, friends’ night out or your simple Friday lunch out with family.

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