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By: Jim West


FormerlyMe is an online movement to motivate and inspire people to become the best version of themselves by showing them my journey and experience in trying a new workout and lifestyle regime every 30 days. Every post, update, and video is ‘formerly me’ as I endeavor to become the best version of myself and become FormerlyMe. Each month CP Magazine will showcase a part of my journey to becoming the best version of myself. I hope that in turn this inspires and motivates you to start your own journey as well. For this month’s story we will focus on the “Jason Brown Sessions” days of my journey.

I started FormerlyMe in November 2019 with Gene Labrada, and now as I was ending my first year of my journey I decided to close out year one with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder & 2020 Mr. Olympia competitor, Jason Brown.

I told Jason that I wanted to shift my focus from just weight loss to building muscle and strength. We went right to work on developing my chest, shoulders, and arms. We used chains and resistance bands in most of our workouts. I learned a tremendous amount about the science behind building muscle and strength. Bodybuilders are so knowledgeable when it comes to how to develop the body.

During my training sessions with Jason, I got to learn his phenomenal story of his life and how bodybuilding saved his life. I was so impressed by his journey I became a main sponsor for him in his Mr. Olympia debut in Orlando, Florida in December 2020. Although he had a good show, he placed 14th I the world which to me is a epic feat considering this is his first Olympia event. I expect to more of him in future Mr. Olympias.

Our training sessions wrapped up with my gaining several inches in my biceps and being able to press 500lbs. I was amazed at how strong I began to feel. That is such a great feeling. Gaining muscle also helped increase my metabolism, which is perfect for long term weight loss. I am so happy to close out the first year of my body transformation with Jason.
Follow my journey online at and on the YouTube channel. Next month I will cover my more unique experiences I had the end of 2020. Until next time that has been FormerlyMe!

Follow my journey online at and on the YouTube channel. Next month I will cover more unique experiences. Until next time that has been FormerlyMe!

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