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Iman Metwally//


Do you ever wonder, why?

No, it’s not a song. It’s a purpose.

Do you ever wonder why you do what you do?

What gets you up in the morning? What gets you to bed looking forward to tomorrow? What gets you through the day, through the ups and downs and all the unwanted and unpleasant obstacles and struggles?

Your why is lying somewhere deep inside you waiting to come out to help you perform at your best, even in your darkest moments.

Your why is your anchor that holds you strong and keeps you focused and true to yourself and the people around you.

I am Iman Metwally, a full time working mom who has been in the fitness field since a young age. I have always loved fitness and never thought of any other career to choose. Year after year I never contemplated quitting this filed and I didn’t know why!

I listened to many people speaking about changing and creating better lives. These all seemed great to me, but it wasn’t what I was feeling deep inside me. I know I was doing that as a result of my work but was that my why?

So, I decided to take the step and ask myself why I do what I do.

It took me a while to discover and find my true why that anchors and helps me to stand for any obstacle and overcome any struggle.

It took me a while to discover that I do what I do because I enjoy helping people and seeing them shifting from one place to a better place through my guidance. I aspire to inspire people and help them believe in themselves and the various talents and skills they possess.

One of my greatest feelings ever when it comes to work, and life in general, is empowering people to believe in themselves more and more each day.

I am knowledgeable, strong and very passionate but that’s not why I am where I am today. I am where I am today because I am a patient human who believes in others and their capability to develop. I am where I am because I enjoy helping others and see them reaching and grabbing big opportunities.

I enjoy giving and that’s the purpose behind my why.

It’s that time of year when people will be looking to write down their New Year’s Resolutions and I encourage you to start the year thinking and finding your why. Let it be your anchor and support, the bridge between your reasons and your goals, and the fuel to better and more successful years ahead.

In the New Year, I hope you feel and understand the multiple dimensions of success which, incidentally, will be the topic for my next article.

Happy New Year, Middle East!

Be kind and authentic to people and yourself.

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