Everything You Imagine Is Real!

Hi, Congratulations on the opening of The Rebel.

Can you tell me when you first developed an interest in health and fitness?
After high school, I had decided to shift to a healthier lifestyle and discovered my passion for everything sports and fitness. I fell in love with idea of actually helping people to live a better life.

How and when did the idea of starting Rebel started?
I’ve been working professionally in this field for almost 10 years; and I’ve always found a room for improvement. When I managed to build the right team; we went all in to change the game, to creating a highly engaging and motivational concept. So, we chose to be Rebels.

How was the process of starting the gym? Did you face any difficulties? How did you overcome them?
It was not easy. It takes a lot of time, effort and focus but when you put yourself together in a team with various skills and with the mindset of “when there is a will, there is a way” you simply reach your goal no matter what.

How has the past year been like for you?
A lot of brainstorming, testing and developing the concept.

When did REBEL officially open its doors for customers?
We officially opened doors on the 28th of March 2021.

Why did you name it “REBEL”?
The name REBEL was chosen to invoke a mind shift; where we rebel against daily pressures, society’s stereotyping, short term “solutions”, not being able to commit, not being able to reflect your true self; ultimately unleashing our slogan “Change the Game” and be the best version of you.

What are some of the other amenities at the gym?
At Rebel, we try to get all your needs under one roof. At REBEL:
-We offer high quality boxing gloves and inner gel gloves. We are planning to expand our merchandise.

-InBody body composition service.
-Recharge bar in collaboration with Raw Pops where you get your pre-workout and post-workout healthy snack, coffee and exclusive shakes.
-Free lockers and rental lockers.
-Spacious changing rooms, showers and toilets area.

How is a typical workout at REBEL?
Our main group class (Rebel Hour) is designed to target all group muscles; divided between strength, conditioning and cardio kickboxing in less than an hour while keeping you focused and motivated at all times.

What makes REBEL different and unique?
What sets us apart is that we are the 16th country in the world to implement smart kickboxing; our punching bags track your speed and force to provide you with actual workout score instead of calories burnt. We do that in an atmosphere where fight club meets nightclub to add that extra motivation you need.

Who is a good candidate to join REBEL? Who is your training ideal for?
We welcome females of 18+ years old of all levels since our coaches are always there to guide them through every step. But since we believe that “everything YOU imagine is real”; a good candidate should believe that they are able to reach what they believe to be their true self and we promise to guide, help, motivate them to achieve that.

Can you explain how membership works?
Our first class is always free. After that, you have the flexibility of choosing between Class Packages or Monthly Packages. We also offer Personal Training Packages for anyone with special training needs.

Can you tell us more about your app?
Our App is the gate to booking your classes and purchasing your packages. You can simply download it, signup to automatically get your first free class & reserve the day, time and even the punching bag spot you prefer.

It can be hard to get motivated to workout – what’s your advice for someone trying to get into it (or back into it?
For those who are trying to get into it: Just focus on starting; it doesn’t matter where you’re at right now; just REBEL and get started!
We’ve built a concept that helps you to keep motivated and we strongly believe that continuity is the key to see that progress; once you see the progress we promise you it will turn into a lifestyle and addiction if you will.
For those who want to get back into it, we all hate starting over; so, stop giving up! You did it before, try to focus on the benefits you’ve gained and the time you’re losing each time you make an excuse.

Can you tell us what’s next for REBEL?
Currently, we’re focusing on expanding our amazing team with the same spirit and passion. Our goal is to franchise REBEL from Kuwait to the world.

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We really appreciate your work, it is truly inspiring and motivating to get such exposure opportunity; we are really thankful and hope you keep doing what you’re doing.

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