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//Nada AlMuzaini//

Promoting a brand in the past was a challenge as the only advertising method was print advertising in newspapers and on billboards, flyers etc. Unfortunately, it was difficult to gather data or business insights from print media. However, with the help of digital marketing we can define the product marketing strategy to help us identify our ROI (return on investment) along with business insights and feedback.

However, people still believe that the best marketing method is word of mouth. Whilst this might be true, people still like to see or hear about the product through various different ways. With this in mind, there are many efficient ways to promote your brand including the following:-


1.Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is the best way to promote your brand to a large audience. However, there is always a risk using this particular strategy as they might have fake followers, low engagement etc. That said, some influencers work really hard to achieve a promotional visual feed with a high engagement level, particularly when it comes to lifestyle brands (makeup, clothes, travel etc).

This is an efficient, easy method to attract your audience. Arranging a competition (e.g. free giveaways) using your social media channels and/or collaborating with other shops or groups of influencers has proved to be a successful strategy. It helps to promote your product and increase the number of followers. The use of hashtags can help with brand loyalty.

3.Digital Marketing
Probably the most cost effective way to promote your brand is to use digital marketing platforms such Facebook, Instagram, Google and many more. This method is cost effective and, thanks to technology, provides business insights including patterns of customer behavior. It also allows you to identify which visual promotion has the most relevance when it comes to attraction and engagement.

Organizing an event for the launch of a new product or celebrating an occasion such as a business anniversary is the best way to create a buzz within the market. However, it’s important to invite a number of celebrities as this helps to increase brand awareness and create a fuss about the event.

5.Send Emails
Email marketing is another efficient way to boost awareness of a product without spending a lot of money. For it to be successful, you need a good tag line in the subject as this is what will attract people to read the email. Similarly, email marketing is a great strategy to use to inform them about new products and sales opportunities.

In conclusion, there are many ways to promote your product. Not all strategies have the same results and what is best for one product may not be the best for another. Whatever your product, you need a solid marketing plan with both short and long term goals, incorporating a number of efficient marketing methods.

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