Is Instagram to blame for women around the world looking almost the same?

2018 is the year to start making a few changes and I’m talking about eyebrows! The Instagram Brow is out of fashion. If you have zero clue what I’m referring to, please check out the picture above to find out what I’m talking about. This eyebrow is boxy and slightly ombré at the beginning, elongated and heavily filled in.

We would love to see more confidence and individuality when it comes to beauty.

If eyebrows are your thing, you can still work on them making them look strong, but at the same time soft and not harsh looking. It’s all about layering the products and the amount of pressure you use to apply them, which determines how dark or light you want them.

Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, says “I usually start by brushing the brows up or down (with a spoolie) and then I lightly fill them in anywhere they need it with a brow pencil (Anastasia is his go-to), mainly along the outer corners. Next, I define the shape by taking a brow brush and shadow – I use one that’s one shade lighter than the pencil I used beforehand, which softens the look and adds dimension – to set everything. Then, I use a spoolie with hair spray, brow gel, or a glue from Alcone to brush the brow into place.”


Instagram also has examples of beautiful well filled eyebrows. The key is to keep them as natural as possible and the colour should be close to your natural hair colour or one shade lighter.

Eyebrow products to try:

1.Tamin Brown Eyebrow Pencil from Other Stories 2.Brow Gel, Tinted Brow Groomer from Makeup For Ever 3.Brow Powder Duo from Dolce & Gabbana 4.Micro Tattoo by Brow Artist from L’Oreal Paris 5.Brow Contouring Kit by Max Factor 6.Great Brows Palette by MAC Cosmetics 7.Brow Sculpt by MAC Cosmetics 8.Brow Liner, Intense Brow Definer by Make Up Forever 9.High Definition Eyebrow Pencil by Pupa 10.Brow Shaper Pencil by Max Factor 11.Brow Thickener from Sephora 12.Eyebrow Editor from Sephora 13.Universal Brow Freeze by Sephora 14.Bulletproof Brows Kit from Too Faced

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