Ending The London Tour With An Exquisite Afternoon Tea.

Ending The London Tour With An Exquisite Afternoon Tea.
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//Nada Al-Muzaini//


London is a fabulous place to visit during any season. However, tourists usually forget to have afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea is an English tradition, started in the 1800s by Ms. Anna, Duchess of Bedford. Ms. Anna was a great friend of Queen Victoria and was a well-known lady within the society. If the Duchess had an event in the evening, she would have cravings during the afternoon. Therefore, she asked for a plate of cake, bread and butter served with tea. This became the norm for the Duchess since it helped to satisfy her hunger. She began inviting her friends to cherish this moment with her.

The treat became a social event for the upper-class ladies, which today is a UK tradition shared throughout the world.

The afternoon tea involves tea, a collection of delicious sandwiches, scones with creams and jams and a variety of cakes and pastries. Nowadays, people go to different places to experience afternoon tea.

To have the experience of exquisite afternoon tea in London, you might just spoil yourself visiting the finest hotels in the city. For example, the Connaught Hotel, located in the heart of London, provides a beautiful setting for afternoon tea in terms of food, service and atmosphere. The Jean-Georges afternoon tea at the Connaught, gives you a stylish experience. It is located in the terrace room of the hotel, overlooking London’s most glamourous neighborhood. Once you order, the friendly staff prepare your table and then bring your tea and sandwiches. The most interesting part is when the staff explain the art behind the food. Lastly, it is followed by scones and pastries that are simply delicious.

If you haven’t experienced afternoon tea in London yet, I highly recommend you to do so with your loved ones. You will never forget such a fabulous experience with impeccable service, delicious food and tea and amazing atmosphere.










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