Driving Into The Future With The All New Nissan Altima

Driving Into The Future With The All New Nissan Altima
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Driving the all new Nissan Altima teaches you one thing: the future is now. In this new sedan, every drive is a journey, and every movement is smooth and effortless. The Altima isn’t just a car, it’s a companion, an assistant, and a lifestyle.

The 2019 Nissan Altima was quick to impress, and is already on its way to becoming one of the most popular midsized cars on the market. So this week when we were offered the chance to take it out for a spin, we couldn’t resist.

We headed out to Salmiya, with our photographers and models, to put the Altima to test on coastal roads and city drives around the Marina Mall. And we loved every moment we spent in this new Nissan Altima.


Sharp, smart and superbly sporty
The all new Altima is one of the smartest saloons out there. The sleek curves are complimented perfectly by the athletic contours and floating roof. Whilst the aggressive face of the Altima gives the car a powerful appearance, with a large front grille, and slanted lights. And clinging low to the ground, the Altima is ready to take you to new speeds.
Our Altima was a beautiful silver colour, but there are nine different colour options to choose from.

An interior laced with luxury
The first time you take a seat in the new Nissan Altima, you’ll notice the sleek curves that continue from the exterior, around the driver’s cabin.

We had a beautiful grey interior that matched the silver colour of our Altima’s exterior, and the light cloth perfectly contrasted the black dashboard. The cabin felt light and airy, and above all, spacious. There was space for both the driver and passengers to stretch out their legs, recline their seats and admire the luxury of this new sedan.

But what really impressed was the high-tech dashboard. We started the engine with a simple press of the start button, and watched in awe as the dashboard lit up with all the driving information you could need. The 8-inch Nissan Connect touchscreen came to life with options for radio, navigation and more. But the real fun started when we connected our phone…


Stay connected

Connecting your phone via USB sparks Apple CarPlay into action. The Nissan Connect screen becomes your phone and you can access a handful of your apps from the screen.
Want to read a message or make a phone call? Just open the messages or phone app. Want to listen to your favourite playlist? You can use Apple Music, Spotify, or even listen to a podcast or audio book.

You’ll also be able to access your phone’s navigation apps, and have your journey details displayed on the Nissan Connect screen.

For those with Android mobile devices, there’s Android Auto, which also gives you the ability to navigate, listen to music and make calls from your phone through the car.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto give you the chance to stay connected, so even if you’re driving, you can safely accept calls, and enjoy your favourite sound tracks whilst on the road. And you don’t even need to look down, or tap the touchscreen to control it – just use voice command.


Embrace concert-quality sound
Whether you use Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or the satellite radio for in-car entertainment, you can’t beat the sound quality inside the Nissan Altima. The car is fully equipped with Bose speakers, so you can enjoy every song through a top-quality sound system.

And if you decide to crank it up, you’ll have your very own in-car concert, with quality sound bouncing around the cabin.

Intelligence at its finest
The all new Altima is fitted with the Nissan Intelligent Mobility system, and ProPilot Assist, making it one of the most intelligent and futuristic midsize cars on the market.
Nissan Intelligent Mobility system makes every blind spot a non-issue. Moving lanes? The blind spot camera and detector will let you know if there’s someone in your blind spot, or any oncoming traffic.

Parking has never been easier, with parking sensors at the front and rear of the vehicle, you’ll be guided into spaces hassle-free. The Altima even has cameras that look down at the curb, helping you park perfectly curb side, and within the lines of bay parking spaces.

The ProPilot Assist feature brings us to closer to the future of driving than ever before. Whilst stuck in traffic, the Altima can use ProPilot Assist to keep a safe distance from the car in front.

It will tell you when to brake, and if you don’t get there in time, it can even emergency brake for you. And when traffic starts moving it can help you speed up again.

It’s also useful for highway driving – it will keep you centred in your lane, even if the road starts to curve. And it’s always going to make sure you’re a safe distance from the car in front.

Feel the power
Whilst the new Nissan Altima is one of the safest sedans you could drive, thanks to its intelligent systems, it still packs a punch.

With up to 188 horsepower (depending on the model and engine you choose), the 2019 Altima can reach new speeds. Enjoy the thrill of acceleration, and make every drive an adventure. .

The verdict
The all new Nissan Altima has made the future of driving affordable. This impressive new sedan combines power, safety and technology to create a vehicle that’s a dream to drive.

With a driver’s cabin that you won’t want to leave, and the Apple CarPlay system that keeps you connected with the outside world, the Altima has everything you could want from a car. It’s practical, it’s luxurious, and it makes for an enjoyable driving experience.

Any driver would feel proud to pull up in this beautiful Nissan, and we certainly enjoyed every minute of our drive around Salmiya.

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Photography: Adel Javed @adelji
Makeup: The MakeUp Studio
Directed by: Jameel Arif – @jameelarif
Model: Rawan K. Hassan – @rwanii_ra

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