Dr. Rawabi Bou-Hinde (CP Women Of Substance 2018)

Dr. Rawabi Bou-Hinde (CP Women Of Substance 2018)
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“Don’t listen to the negativity that comes from society – be focused”


Please introduce yourself to our readers.
I am someone who hates to be categorized. I’m not a man or a woman; I am a unique human with an exquisite soul that happens to be placed in a woman’s body.

Tell us about your education.
I spent around twelve years of my life following the dream of holding a higher degree in dentistry from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. I graduated in 2002 as a General Dentist and in 2013 completed my specialty in Endodontics (root canal treatment).

Tell us about your career journey.
I tried working as almost everything within the field of dentistry – general practitioner in the United Arab Emirates, the UK and Kuwait, registrar in a Manchester dental hospital, and both in the government and private sector as a specialist in Kuwait.

How do you manage your time? Describe your average day.
That’s the tricky part! I am always running out of time as my day is full of targets that I have to meet, but I’m also a very well organized person and a planner! I’m a full time mother and a specialist dentist. Both jobs will exhaust me if I don’t plan my time carefully. My average day starts at 5.30am. I get my kids to school then head to work till 2pm, then it’s back home to start my second full time job – being a mother!

What is your biggest strength?

Do you have any weaknesses?
Seeking perfection in a not realistic way.

Have you made any mistakes that have made you stronger?
Every day!

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced during your career?
Working while I had six pins placed in my elbow following a traumatic fall.

How do you stay motivated during challenging times?
I think about winning and achieving success.

What do you do to relax?
I play guitar, play with my cats, cook and chat to my friends.

What has been your proudest moment so far?
I have many of them, I can’t think of one in particular. Perhaps it was the moment I received my certificate in 2002.

What is your biggest fear?

What is your favourite quote?
Happiness is a pathway not a destination.

Name one item in life you can’t do without?
My smart phone.

What’s the best advice you have ever taken?
It was given to me by my mum – Seek knowledge everywhere.

Share three books on your nightstand.
I’m bilingual but I love reading in my mother language. On my night stand you won’t find books, I light candles in the hope of falling asleep.

In your opinion, what are the three keys to success?
– Time management
– Planning
– Determination

What is next for you? What would you still like to achieve?
I would like to serve humanity more. I wish I could be one of the doctors in border members.

What advice would you give to young women starting out in their career?
Don’t listen to the negativity that comes from society – be focused.

How does it feel to be a CP Woman of Substance?
I feel very grateful.

Your message for the team at CP magazine:
Thanks for choosing me! Carry on highlighting those souls that deserve all the attention and respect for their achievements.


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