Dr. Maryam Zamani

Dr. Maryam Zamani

London’s Premier Oculoplastic Surgeon and Leading Aesthetic Doctor

Maryam Zamani has a vast experience in surgery and skin rejuvenation, Dr. Zamani is an anti-ageing powerhouse. She is renowned in the UK as ‘the’ eye doctor, Maryam is a highly respected Oculoplastic surgeon and leading aesthetic doctor, while her skincare collection, MZ SKIN is treasured by A-list and Royal clientele including Elle Macpherson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Arizona Muse, Selma Blair and Princess Charlene of Monaco.
Based at The Cadogan Clinic on London’s prestigious Sloane Street, Dr. Zamani prides herself on delivering the most natural-looking results with her anti-ageing treatments and is admired for her exceptional patient care, light-handed approach and professional manner.
Her knowledge of medical-grade formulas is regarded as a pioneering female in high-performance skincare, an industry that is largely dominated by male Doctors. Her MZ SKIN collection has changed the perception of clinical skincare from purely functional to a sensory experience.
Dr. Zamani specialises in creating bespoke treatments for the eye area including her sig- nature Tri-Eye and Tri-Brow treatments. She has also launched The Guinea Pig Podcast, with ex-editor-at-large of British Vogue dedicated to uncensored discussions about safe aesthetic treatment with other leaders in the industry.
She practices at the award-winning Cadogan Clinic in Chelsea London where she offers a selection of surgical and high-tech medical and aesthetic procedures including: Injectables, Laser, Light Therapy, PRP, Radiofrequency, Ultherapy and Skin Peels.

Please introduce yourself to our readers.
I am a fellowship trained Oculoplastic Surgeon with a special interest in facial Aesthetics. This means I do reconstructive (think cancer or trauma reconstructions) and cosmetic (eyelid surgery for hooded eyelids, droopy eyelids, or sagging/puffy eyelids) surgery around the eyes. I also compliment this with an array of nonsurgical treatments including injectables, lasers, peels, and other treatment modalities. I also completed a certificate in dermatology to gain a better understanding of skin and how skincare and treatments improve skin function and clarity.

Tell us about your education.
After completing my ophthalmology training, I worked for only one year before relocating to London. I was doing some aesthetic work and very much enjoyed it. As I needed time to have my American Board certified transferred to the equivalent in the UK, I decided to embark on an oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship to gain greater experience and training. That was when I became interested in hyaluronic acid fillers, doing research for their aesthetic and reconstructive purposes. There after I became interested in learning more and did a Dermatology Course with Cardiff university for a year followed by another oculoplastic fellowship focused on eyelid and facial surgery.

Were you always interested in the medical field?
Well, I am the eldest of 4. My parents are both doctors who emigrated to the US after doing their residencies in the states. My father is an orthopaedic surgeon, and my mother is a pathologist. I was surrounded by doctors growing up and in a community that valued the importance of doctors helping other people. It was not until the end of my first year of medical school, when I did an internship with the head of plastic surgery at Johns Hopkins and saw how they changed the lives of those they treated from injury, malignancy and birth defects that I was literally in awe of what a combination of hands and brains could do. I then became involved deeply with operation smile and after a mission to Thailand, I was hooked!

What was your inspiration to get into this career and how would you describe your overall philosophy on beauty and cosmetic surgery?
MZ Skin was conceived from a desire to make a precise, concise, intelligent capsule collection of scientifically backed, clinically trialed skincare that is easy to use but also has a gorgeous sensory component to it. I do not believe you need lots of different products but rather specific, efficacious ingredients that work synergistically together. It is free from all nasties like parabens, silicones, and artificial fragrances. I also made MZ skin with sustainability and environmental friendless in mind. Everything is made to be recyclable.
It has also been formulated by me, which is interesting that most skincare brands are made from male doctors as opposed to women.
I wanted to combine the surgical with the non-surgical but quickly realized skin is the canvas and without a strong canvas, results are not optimal. It has been a long but interesting and rewarding road developing MZ Skin to help create that strong canvas and foundation to maintain and attain one’s best skin and aesthetic at any age.

Tell us a bit about your professional journey and how you ended up with such notoriety at the award-winning Cadogan Clinic in Chelsea London?
I am an oculoplastic surgeon, which means I do cosmetic and reconstructive surgery around the eyes and eyebrows. After relocating to London, I had to wait for my credentials to transfer over and so I did a year of dermatology. During this time, hyaluronic acid treatments were gaining popularity and I did several clinical studies on their use. That really fostered my belief that we should not just treat the problems and issues at hand but that we need to help prevent them. That fusion is why my practice is not just surgical but nonsurgical as well. With various tweakments, we can delay the appearance of the ageing process.
I think I am best known for my tweakments around the eyes. While surgery is the gold standard for some issues that present, there is a myriad of other treatments that can be done to prolong the time in which surgery is needed. I am known for natural, subtle but effective treatments to turn back time. Less is more is my mantra and the reason I have patients come from all corners of the globe to see me.

Why are your anti-ageing treatments so popular and admired by all?
I believe it is important for patients to be well educated about any procedure they wish to undertake, fully understand the risks, and understand what can be achieved. I have a practice that is built on the ethos that less is more, so generally my patients come for the fresh look rather than a done look but there are many others that are happy to do whatever the patient desires, even if it is not in their best interest

Which treatments do you do yourself at the clinic?
Given what I do, I do my own treatments! I have botulinum toxin injections 2-3 times a year. As I suffer from melasma, each September I have a moderate peel to help remove pigmentation worsened by the summer holidays. I find life busy and finding time for lasers and light-based treatments is difficult, but I manage to do one every 6 months. Now I love Profhilo treatments, so I do that annually as well.

How much can you do now with injectables to avoid surgery?
For more mature skin types, volume augmentation in combination with treatments may be needed and that includes laser resurfacing and tightening. Ul therapy is the gold standard for non-surgical lower face/neck tightening in those patients not yet ready for surgery. However, it is painful, you must be patient as it takes 3-6 months to see full effect and it is pricey. Approximately £4250. I like to use treatments in combination with one another. PRP is an excellent treatment as well.
But prevention is key! Sunscreen all day every day. Excellent skincare including vitamin C, retinol, and antioxidants. Good nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress management.

Parents always wonder, what is the right age for a child to have injectables?
For younger patients with good skin elasticity I recommend radio frequency treatment as well as non ablative lasers to help promote collagen induction. In the earlier decade I recommend Skincare and prevention. Micro needling and mesotherapy are also great additions.

Who were your first celebrity clients?
I don’t think they would be happy for me to say – that is doctor privilege information.

Some surgeons fly to the Middle East to do surgeries. Is that something you do or do all your patients come to you here in London?
Unfortunately, no I don’t fly to my patients. They come to visit me in Chelsea, at the Cadogan Clinic.

You launched your MZ SKIN skincare range. What product range do you carry and why are your products so special and effective?
The ever-growing number of anti-aging procedures and products can be confusing. Skincare is the first line of defence and the first line of attack to combat skin imperfections. Regardless of the season, commitment to a simple skincare plan is critical to successful results and I believe in the 3-pronged approach to skin: Reveal, Enhance & Protect the skin.
Reveal: To reveal, skin must be adequately cleansed and exfoliated.
Cleansing: Cleansing helps remove make up, oil, debris, bacteria and helps keep your pores clean
Exfoliating: can be done either mechanically or chemically (with enzyme based ingredients).The benefit is to remove dead skin cells, stimulate the production of epidermal growth factor, accelerate cell turnover and provide a clean canvas to all better product penetration.
I recommend MZ Skin’s Cleanse & Clarify, Dual Action AHA Cleanser & Exfoliating Mask. It is carefully formulated with a blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Fruit Enzymes to cleanse and exfoliate without irritation for a refined skin texture and pores, hydrate and to boost collagen production.

Enhance: To enhance the skin, we need to nourish it with antioxidants, retinols, and other key ingredients. Vitamin C should be in every skincare routine as it helps stop free radicals created by UV rays from damaging the skin while encouraging collagen synthesis. Similarly, Vitamin E is another antioxidant that fights inflammation while keeping the skin hydrated. Hyaluronic Acid is another key ingredient in skincare and many products contain his hydrating component to help maintain and restore skin moisture and immediately plump skin.
I recommend MZ Skin’s Brighten & Perfect 10% Vitamin C Corrective Serum to activate collagen production, protect against premature aging and reduce the effects of sun damage. This peptide-rich formula helps control melanin production to guard against hyperpigmentation and age spots. Perfect for post summer holidays fight against pigmentation.
Protect: We all know that UVA accelerates skin ageing and if you expose your skin to sun without protection, you will counteract all the nurturing you are giving to your skin. Regardless of the season, SPF is critical to prevent accelerated aging and more importantly to decrease the risk of skin cancer.
I recommend MZ Skin’s Hydrate & Nourish. This daytime moisturiser features a pioneering combination of encapsulated (non-irritant) Retinol and SPF 30 to simultaneously refine the complexion and protect the skin. Retinol boosts collagen production and smooths fine lines and wrinkles, while the addition of SPF 30 protects from UVA/B rays and free radical damage.

What is your own beauty and fitness regime?
I personally am a big fan of eating nutrients rather than using oral supplements but if you can not manage a wholesome diet filled with fruits, veggies, and healthy fats, then supplements can be helpful. Every morning I start my day with a hot water infused with ginger and lemon. I take either a green smoothie or freshly squeezed half mandarin and half orange juice with me to the office. Breakfast is usually wheat free bread with avocado sprinkled with chilli flakes around 10 am.
Sleeping well is important to the skin’s natural ability to restore itself. Beauty sleep is not a myth! Exercise helps eliminate toxins from the body, improve circulation and decrease stress levels so I try to workout every day be it Pilates or HIIT training with my PT. Smoking is one of the fastest ways to age the skin, drinking can decrease circulation and increase puffiness, disrupt sleep and dehydrate the skin. And skincare is important. I always protect my skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays as I am very prone to hyperpigmentation. I also exfoliate twice a week and use antioxidants. I religiously apply Rest & Revive every evening to replenish hydration levels and nourish my skin.
In terms of my make up routine, I keep it simple. After skincare I generally only use a bit of Tom Ford bronzer, Nars orgasm blush and mascara. In the evening, I add a bit of lip shimmer and perhaps a bit of eye liner.

How important is social media in your work?
We live in a society that is increasingly obsessed with appearance and celebrity, fueling body dysmorphia and lack of self confidence. Social media, with its infinite filters and body altering apps in addition to aesthetic treatments, has inadvertently also fuelled the quest fora flawless appearance. Social media coupled with an increased acceptance of cosmetic procedures, the advent of new technology making procedures more affordable and less invasive, there is a strong demand for cosmetic procedures. Being perceived as beautiful is thought to be rewarding-whether it is in terms of social acceptance, increased self esteem, recognition and job placement. Cosmetic procedures are only one facet as healthy eating, exercise and improved lifestyle are also critical in this equation.

What are some of your hobbies?
I love exercising-you could say it is a hobby. I enjoy hiking retreats as well. We also like to go to the theatre and visit local art exhibitions as well. And of course, traveling within Europe is always fun.

What is your favourite travel destination and why?
Once annually I love to go on an activity-based retreat like The Ranch Malibu or Yeotown. This year, my trainer has created a new retreat in Spain called Youniqfit and I will be going there!

What do you do to unwind and relax after a busy day?
If we are home, we have dinner together as a family. I need to exercise pretty much every day. Usually I go to the gym for 45 minutes of elliptical most nights when the kids go to bed. And if I have my twice weekly trainer or Pilates, I squeeze it in before or after dinner.
Last thing I do before bed is take my Epsom salt bath with a few drops of lavender oil. I Place my phone in another room to charge and finish my to do list for the next day, so I do not think about it in bed.

Your favourite cuisine? And your favourite snack?
Green apples with almond butter is a favourite snack right now! Dinner ranges from Persian vegetable stews with veal, Persian rice, and green salads to lean protein with salads. But I also admit I have a sweet tooth…

Simple skincare techniques for our readers for the coming winter season?
Keep using skincare that will help improve the skins barrier, protect, nourish, and hydrate the skin. Retinol is a great ingredient to use throughout this season when the sun is less strong. As ever, sleep well and enough, do not smoke or expose your skin to second hand smoke, wear sunscreen (even in Winter) and reapply often, keep stress (cortisol levels) low, and stay motivated with exercise even on a cold, dark night.

Your message for us at CP magazine.
I am truly honoured to be featured in CP Magazine, thank you So much for having me.

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