Don’t Step Into 2018 With Your 2017, 2002, 1996…. Problems!

Don’t Step Into 2018 With Your 2017, 2002, 1996…. Problems!

How many of you are carrying years and years of stuff on your aching shoulders?

Pointless altercations that happened at 10 years old.
Superfluous accusations thrown at you at 15 years old.
Excessive negative thoughts as long as you can remember.
Redundant labels and names that were plastered on your back, your being and your heart from childhood.
Ridiculous foul play and gossip to bring you down as a teen.
Trivial arguments that still plague you from college.
Extra burdens of others that you have somehow decided to take on.
Uncalled-for feelings of low self worth still hanging on you as an adult.
Distorted thoughts carving your realities that are far from the truth.
People who leave you feeling worthless yet for some reason these people remain attached.
Spare wheels that sponge off you like parasites.
Those places and things that break your fragile spirit.
Those ‘AAAGH’ moments you keep allowing yourself to have.
Guilt. Resentment. Hurt. Hang-ups. Secrets. Shame. Grudges.

You can move into 2018 feeling lighter, free of attachments and free of unnecessary burdens that bear you down. Do you want to stand up tall, strong, nimble and ready to go? Here are some points to get you moving.

Start by writing a letter to yourself, an honest letter that is for your eyes only.

Think about the thoughts that weigh you down, limitations you place on yourself and the ways you are your own harsh critic – and often your own worst enemy. Are there specific things that get you bogged down? Things said by other people that hook you in to feeling heavy? Are there thoughts you keep sending yourself quietly that break you?

Can you pin point specifically what the triggers are? It could be places, times, moments, people, circumstances. Look back at each moment and think deeply about what you felt about yourself. Did something happen before that? What could have made it better/worse?

Did you know that most of those somewhat negative observances may actually have brought you some relief or safety? Think about any positive outcomes from these very dull and heavy thoughts and behaviors.

While we know there could be benefits (such as safety, defense, coping) from the process that brought you the baggage, it may not have been the most ideal process to follow. How could these processes be altered so that the outcomes are less weighty and more suited to relieving you of the burdens you carry?

Turn each of these negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Challenge some of your beliefs to be less judgemental and more accepting.

Weed out people who stir up the dirt and drag you down.

Here’s a table to brainstorm on before writing your letter:

Now that you have reflected deeply, ask yourself what it is that you need going forward. Perhaps you need some time scheduled doing things that make you thrive. You may want to find a mentor or coach to work with you and support you through the process of letting go. Consciously make an effort to acknowledge the things in you that are unique and special. Focus on a new thing a day, a new blessing, a new attribute that makes you, YOU.



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