Dana AlRubaish

Dana AlRubaish
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From TV Anchor, to News Editor, to Infulencer, Dana AlRubaish is no stranger to the public eye. But what’s next for this popular career girl and what are her tips when it comes to finding success?

Please introduce yourself to our readers:
My name is Dana AlRubaish. I was a TV anchor for eight years and news editor for one year. I am now an influencer in social media and a freelance TV host.

Tell us about your education:
I have a bachelor degree in accounting from Gulf University of Science and Technology.

How did you get interested in TV? Tell us about your journey to becoming a newscaster:
Actually it was a dream of mine to be a TV presenter ever since I was little girl so when I grew up I enrolled myself and took a training course in broadcasting for three months. Then I really did fancy the idea of becoming a TV host and later, a news anchor.

Tell us about your first experience as a newscaster. How did it feel?
Like I said it was my dream, but when that dream became real for the first time I was so terrified of making a mistake on live television.

When it comes to news casting, who are you inspired by and who is your role model?
To be honest I can’t say a specific name because throughout my career I have been inspired by both men and women who have their own unique way of reporting the news.

What were some of the challenges you had to face and how did you overcome them?
To have to speak the news report in a literary Arabic (fus’ha). I trained myself nonstop until I overcame that.

What made you decide to take a break from TV?
Unfortunately the news channel Al-Watan TV closed down so I took some time off and then worked at Al-Adalah TV for one month. I am now expanding to new forms of TV programs, not just the news.

Now you are a well-known social media influencer, how do you feel the change?
Now I schedule my appointments in my own free time and since am a freelancer I have no commitments.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are three very different platforms, although they all fall under the Social Media umbrella. How have you learned to navigate around these platforms and what are the main differences when you interact on them?
As a news reporter I started on twitter and later got into Instagram where I shared EVERYTHING! And don’t forget snapchat! As for my interacting, lately on twitter I only share my thoughts and some famous quotes that I like. Instragram is more my professional portfolio where I share my photo shoots and what I have accomplished. Snapchat is where I share everything about my daily routine. Through snapchat I really do feel the love of my followers and I enjoy getting to talk to them and interact with them every single day.

Which people or books have had the most influence on you?
From Zero to One by Peter Thiel.
The Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah Winfrey.

What would you say is the number one key to success in life or any career?
Never give up.

Tell us about some of your hobbies:
For starters I like reading, shopping, travelling to new places that I’ve never been to, entertainment like the theater and going to the movies – and of course trying out exotic foods.

What is your favourite food and some of your favourite places to dine in Kuwait?
For me Lebanese and Japanese cuisines are my favourites. I really do recommend Lebnany and Sakura – these are my two favorite restaurants, period.

Your favourite travel destination?
Turkey. Any place in Turkey because you get a European feeling with Islamic traditions.

What do you do to relax?
I spend time in the spa, or stay home watching a movie or reading a good book.

What is your favourite quote?
What goes around comes back around. #karma

One thing you cannot leave the home without?
My phone.

Share some of your plans for the future:
With my future in social media, I want to expand to more countries, Inshallah. As for my career, I want to have my own live television program.

Your message for us at CP magazine:
Thank you for choosing me for the December issue. I was delighted to work with you guys and I wish the magazine all the best. I hope to see it everywhere!

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