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Fantasy World was proud to be the title sponsor for the inaugural Excellence in School Sports Awards organized by CP Magazine.

The Awards recognized students who took part in sports and enjoyed a healthy, active lifestyle.

Fantasy World promotes and believes in the welfare of kids knowing that physical fitness leads to mental fitness. By awarding them for their sporting excellence, Fantasy World hoped to raise healthy competition amongst kids seeing them move away from sedentary pastimes and enjoying more physical activities.

The Excellence in School Sports Awards acknowledged those schools that encouraged kids to take part in sports and promoted the importance of physical and mental health. Such encouragement is the biggest and best platform for kids to excel in sports and live an active, healthy life.

Fantasy World also thanked those parents who continued to support their kids by setting examples and reinforcing the benefits of physical exercise.

Co-sponsor, Holiday Inn ATC, also recognized the importance of a healthy lifestyle and congratulated the four private schools – New English School, GHARS Bilingual School, Gulf English School and Dasman Bilingual School – who took part in the Awards.


Another co-sponsor of the Awards, Crowne Plaza, share the vision of positivity and health, a culture they strive to promote and achieve at their luxury Kuwait hotel.
Encouraged by their teachers, the twenty-four nominated students understood the value of discipline, team work and commitment and the associated lifestyle benefits of such admirable attributes.

Fantasy World hopes to see more schools participating in next year’s Awards resulting in a bigger and better competition amongst children. Fantasy World lives by its motto, Kids deserve the Best!
The Excellence in School Sports Awards ceremony took place at the Crowne Plaza, Kuwait on Saturday 23rd November.


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