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Season’s greetings, again!

Every year, or new year to be exact, we find ourselves making promises and applying them with intense imagination and determination to realize and fulfill them. We sometimes write them down, or try our hardest to memorize them so that they are our invisible post-ads at the back of our minds, reminding us to push harder, work more and laze less. But little do we know that by the time it’s that second beyond our new year, the magic begins. ‘What magic?’ you may ask. Well, loads of magic! That new year magic that allows us to imagine our best destiny; the magic that aids our dreams to come true; that magical thing that is called HOPE or LOVE. It is a PROMISE, followed by COMMITMENT. Even if we start with baby steps in the right direction we will soon reach our goals in record time. Imagine that! And by spring time of the new year lovely unexpected things start to happen.

We are all born with some luck around us before we grow and groom ourselves to a path we have chosen to follow (or was it preordained by fate or fortune?) And whether it’s our career, raising a family or pursuing a level of excellence in our standards, we seem to forget that luck and good fortune play a vital role in all our lives. In the words of the great Julius Caesar, Follow not the path that was ordained by man, but gravel a new one to carry your name and abilities for centuries. It is hard to believe that all has been done and all has been achieved, but this is what most of us think as we allow good ideas to pass us by and be implemented by others. Did you dream up the idea of Snapchat, only to find it realized by someone else? What a waste of your potential. So my advice to you is NEVER WAIT – INITIATE!

Another example is on-line shopping. This was a rarity ten years ago, but look at it now! It’s a modern-day necessity. This just goes to prove, to each and every one of us, that we should all be inspired by innovations and innovators and get our inspirations to be not only playing a key role in society, but to be remembered as one of the good, maybe even one of the great ideas! There is always room for growth and greatness.

As the year was closing and the clock struck twelve o’clock, did you remember or reminisce what was done in the past year that might be mended? Remember, the future looks better than the past, but only if we learn from our present. Bridges will be built this new year. Let’s wish for families united, truths revealed, promises made and realities fulfilled. We have a blank page ahead of us giving us permission and blessings to take hold of it and take advantage of its kind nature; a page that is a white scene, a new canvas for us to paint our destinies and execute our hopes and dreams into a living, breathing, colourful life.

So what are you waiting for? More time? Life is for the awake, the alive and the living. It does not and will not wait for you or follow your pace. You have to keep up. Life sometimes is mighty fast, sometimes furious, many times fantastic and delightful. So keep up! Let’s welcome this new year of 2019 with the biggest open arms we can muster and say, ‘COME ON NEW YEAR, SHOW ME WHAT YOU’VE GOT!’ Let’s show this 2019 that we’re ready and able to fly!

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