Broaden Children’s Capabilities

Broaden Children’s Capabilities
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//Yasmin Bahman//


Most people assume that the future, our lives and the world will remain as is and provide us with durable comfort. But in contrast to this comfort humanity is facing challenges millions of people try to tackle each day. We have come so far not by sheer luck but out of knowledge, hard work and continuous progress and to face these challenges we must pass on this mentality onto our children.

It’s every parent’s hope that his or her child will do better and go further than he or she has. The way to broaden our children’s capabilities is to hand them the floor to grow as opposed to moulding them which is essential during the first years of their lives.

During a child’s first five years of life his brain develops the most. The conditions during childhood, choices made and diversifying activities and talents crucially affects children’s position and capabilities as adults and have great societal impacts

Children develop a sense of belonging to people to help them understand their rights and responsibilities in active participation. By raising a child we should tailor to each child’s need differently. They should be encouraged to express openly and put their views at the heart of conversations for they are capable of contributing thoughtful opinions. They can be guided on the right path by observation, using the art of communication and joining into everyday activities. Development encompasses the ability to learn mental, social, emotional, behavioral and communication skills which depends on a child’s relationships early on in life. They are all linked and dependant on each other.

Relationships are important because they are the means to which your child sees the world around them. Learning behavior by example teaches safety, security, love and consequences of action. As they grow, you allow your child to comprehend how the world works by letting them try things on their own, even if it means making mistakes which is part of learning.

A child needs plenty of of opportunity for active play, inside and outside. If you are active your child will follow your lead. Lack of interaction with their environment leads to negative health effects and slows physical development. Exploration of nature leads to discovery of animals, plants, seasons and weather. Sports help with making friends, team working, playing fair, strengthening self-esteem and having fun which are all great qualities to carry onto adult life.

Reading exposure at an early age exercises brain activity by enhancing concentration and literary skills. It gives an understanding about the world and everyday life. It builds empathy towards the characters and bonds with those they are reading with.

Engagement in music enhances a child’s perception when provided with a positive, rewarding, learning experience which lasts a lifetime and is worth the investment. It improves numerous skills, creating a sense of responsibility, perseverance and discipline. Music stimulates brain waves that generate motivation and emotions which is why it is used in children’s songs to ease them into new transitions.

Children exposed to diversity at a young age are more receptive to foreigners for they will be more comfortable with difference in race, religion and lifestyle. This allows the opportunity to interact with others that look and speak in a way they aren’t familiar with. As this becomes the norm it increases children’s tolerance and open-mindedness for others. They will incorporate this attitude into adulthood which is a factor to success.

Give your child the opportunity to learn and grow as young as possible. Allow them the chance to develop different skills and expose them to different cultural experiences. As you do so, their world views will surely broaden. The future lies within the young.

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