Bolivia, Sucre

Bolivia, Sucre

Sucre is a city in the southern highlands of Bolivia. The whitewashed Casa de la Libertad, where Bolivia’s Declaration of Independence was signed, houses galleries related to the city’s past as the national capital. Also on Plaza 25 de Mayo, the main square, is the Catedral Metropolitana, an ornate colonial church. Nearby is the Museo Universitario Charcas USFXCH, featuring religious artifacts and contemporary art.



Roles Hotel
Located in Sucre, 400 meters from Bolivar Park, Roles Hotel features free WiFi throughout the property, spa, hot tub, restaurant and free private parking.

Hotel San Felipe
Hotel San Felipe in Sucre is located in Sucre, 1.9 km from Surapata Park. The property was built in 2017 and is 2 km from Bolivar Park.

Capital Plaza Hotel
In a whitewashed building facing the vibrant Plaza 25 de Mayo, this refined hotel with an internal courtyard and a spiral staircase is 2 km from the Terminal de Buses Sucre and a 1-minute walk from the 16th-century Catedral Metropolitana de Sucre.

Parador Santa Maria La Real
Set next to Plaza 25 De Mayo, this stylish hotel is 1 km from Parque Bolivar and 6 km from Sucre Airport.


Look Up At The World’s Largest Collection Of Dinosaur Footprints
Parque Cretácico, 5km from the city centre and on the grounds of a concrete company, might seem an unlikely location for the most dinosaur footprints ever found in one place, but then again, Bolivia has a tendency to surprise.

See Indigenous Textiles In The Museum Of Indigenous Art
One of the best ways of learning more about this tradition is in the Museum of Indigenous Art, where complex, colourful weavings handmade through the ages are on display. Handcrafted by several indigenous groups, they reflect their religious beliefs, representing everything from heaven to the underworld, with some weavings of community life also thrown in.

Pay Your Respects To The Dead At The Cementerio General
Although it might seem a little morbid, Bolivia’s cemeteries are yet another way of learning more about day-to-day life – and death – in the country. Sucre’s huge General Cemetery is peaceful place of manicured lawns and huge walls of niches (sealed graves) where plaques, photographs and small mementos (such as toys or even small bottles of coca cola) placed in front of the niche give a sense of the person who lies within.

Hike Through The Surreal, Ancient Landscapes Of The Maragua Crater
Once you’ve explored the city, take a trip out to probably the most bizarre terrain you’ll have ever encountered: the Maragua Crater. This strange circular pit surrounded by protruding teeth of colourful rock is believed locally to have been formed by a meteorite colliding with the earth, but whether that’s true or not, the whole landscape is truly mesmerizing.



Condor Cafe



Cafe Gourmet Mirador

El Huerto

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