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Movie Misdemeanours

Movie Misdemeanours

You can’t beat a trip to the cinema. I, like many others, look forward to the latest movie releases with eager anticipation. It’s not just about being able to watch your favourite movie stars on the big screen; it’s the whole cinematic experience. However hard you may try, you simply cannot recreate this environment in your own home.

To enjoy your movie experience to the max certain things are essential. First of all, you need to be comfortable. Thankfully, modern day movie theatres are a far cry from the traditional ‘picture houses’ of old. Not only are the seats now comfy, some of them even recline. There’s also plenty of room to stretch your legs, thus reducing the risk of cramp part way through the movie. Secondly, the quality of both the picture and the sound need to be exceptional. With modern technology, this is pretty much guaranteed. So much so, you feel as though you are actually taking part in every scene; transported into the movie and accompanying each character as their story unfolds. Thirdly, your fellow movie-goers need to be quiet.

Sadly, this third essential is where the whole cinema experience falls down. Thanks to other people’s selfishness, our movie enjoyment is at best, interrupted or at worst, completely ruined. Despite requests for mobile phones to be switched off before the movie begins, countless ring tones, message alerts and vibrations can be heard throughout the film. But it’s not just the sound of the phones that cause disruption; it’s the light from the screens. It’s not enough just to switch your phone to ‘silent’. The bright light from a mobile phone screen can light up a dark movie theatre like an airport runway! As if that’s not bad enough, some people actually answer their phone and conduct a conversation in the middle of the movie! How rude and utterly selfish can you get?

But it doesn’t end there. Let’s not forget those who arrive late and stand in the aisle discussing where they should sit; or those who insist on rustling crisp packets or sweet wrappers throughout the entire film. I long for the day when cinema refreshment counters only sell snacks in soundless, non-rustling wrappers. Why should I miss Daniel Craig’s witty one-liners just because the guy sitting behind me wants another handful of popcorn? And why should I strain to hear Tom Hardy’s dying words over the rustling of my neighbour’s Maltesers?

Perhaps the most irritating annoyance is the one favoured by those who have clearly seen the film before. The one where they deliver a line before it’s actually spoken in the movie, spoiling both the anticipation and intended surprise of everyone within earshot; not to mention robbing the character of their favourite lines.

Together with the fridge-like temperatures in the theatre and the often unnecessary censorship gaps in the films, these misdemeanours can seriously impact upon our movie experience. Some of these are clearly outside of our control. However, showing a little respect and keeping noise to a minimum is surely not too much to ask. Is it?

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