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//Othman Qalfas//

Holidays are a happy season and how can we enjoy December without having the Christmas Spirit. We all love certain movies that have the Christmas theme. So, here are some of my favorite movies that you have to watch alone or with family or even with your partner.

Home Alone 1&2 (1990&1992).

Who doesn’t know this movie? It doesn’t matter how many times you watched it, you will always watch it again. Kevin who got forgotten finds himself alone by himself at home. Faced by challenges and protecting his house from robbers. This is the story of the first part and I think you already know the story of the second part. Please I don’t advice you to see the other parts after that one.

Elf (2003).

When “Will Ferrel” who is supposed to be an elf and discover that he is a human living in the North Pole. He decide to get back and search for his real father. A goofy and funny movie to watch. I promise that you will enjoy your time while watching this movie.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966, 2000 & 2018). This movie is devided into three parts and they all repeat the same story and all the movies are written by Dr. Seuss. The difference between first movie is an animation was produced in 1966. Then we have the second one that was produced in 2000 and it’s staring Jim Carey who did an excellent performance. A great, funny and wonderful movie to watch. The last and third movie was produced in 2018 and it’s also animated movie. You should watch them all but I recommend Jim Carey movie.

The Polar Express (2004).

How can you miss this animation movie specially when it’s staring “Tom Hanks”. Adventures and Magical journey that will take you to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. It’s a good move that you don’t want to miss with the whole family. Just Start Believing.

The Santa Clause 1,2&3 (1994, 2002 & 2006).

This movie is about the man who saved Christmas, when he killed the real Santa by mistake. This movie has three parts with different story. both of them focus on the family and how it’s important. Children will love it.

Last Christmas (2019).

This Movie is set for Christmas of course and for couples to watch it together. Although this movie isn’t produced from a long time but it will leave an effect on you. it was produced last year in 2019 and staring Emilia Clarke with Emma Thompson. A comedy, dramatic and romantic movie to watch on Christmas. It will keep you both united.

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