Behind every GREAT MAN is a Tom Ford designer suit

Behind every GREAT MAN is a Tom Ford designer suit
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by: Nili //

(or a GREAT WOMAN that chose it)


Now hold on gents, I am definitely not implying that your fashion statements are not sound and trendy, but it’s always good to have a second female opinion, don’t you think? As we women are usually escorted to the malls by our husbands for a second opinion, it goes without saying that we should share our opinion when it comes to your styles; just an extra boost in making a fashionable decision as to what’s hot and what’s not in masculine fashions and styles. We all know trends tend to change, sometimes dramatically, from season to season, so it’s always good to know what is in and what is definitely out. Knowing that allows any man to be up to date with some (if not all) of the runway shows for men’s clothing and designer lines as well as the men’s designers’ blogs; not forgetting the latest in street style and the many other fashionable links and style applications that are out there. Unfortunately, a man’s daily routine rarely involves checking up on the latest in trends on line, but women are more keen and prone to use a whole lot more fashionable links and sights. So, you gents have found a new best friend in me, because I’m going to let you know what’s in and what’s out so you can stay fashionable, trendy and stylish all year round.

Fashion is a game; it has rules, restrictions and reservations. Like any other game, the rules are simple and the consequences of trial and error are usually visible (sometimes unforgettable). Thanks to selfies and other picture uploads, the whole world knows about your fashion blunder! So do be careful and take your time in choosing RIGHT. Which brings us to rule number one of the game: Take your time in selecting a killer style that never kills your style. And remember, what looks great and chic on your best mate, might look fiercely ugly on you! Keep in mind that no two bodies are the same.

Secondly, don’t be afraid of colour. Yes, colour is your friend. Do use colour when you need to but don’t go over-board with it so you’ll resemble a lit Christmas tree at spring time. And remember one very important thing; choose your colour palette according to your skin tone and undertone (basic, neutral or warm or cool). Colour makes all the difference so choose accordingly.

Thirdly, CLASS is everlasting. Retro/Avant- Garde does not suit everyone. For example, have you ever owned a blazer or a pair of slacks that you proudly bought a couple years back and have recently worn to the office? I am sure you have (and still do!) If I had to guess, it would be a classical style blazer or pair of off-waist pencil boot-legged jeans. Am I right? And did you ever do the unthinkable and purchase a complicated pair of low fitted slacks with a designer complex flashy T-shirt that every time you think of wearing for the second time you never do? Be honest now gents! My guess would be a very colourful pair of slacks with multi zippers and pockets and an equally unappealing T-shirt. Sometimes avant-gardism is showcased beautifully on the runways and many men do purchase an item or two. However, they can’t seem to muster the courage to actually wear them. But no worries, it happens to the best and the most fashionable of us. It is more than fashionably allowed to make a statement with wacky, unsound trends, but remember that these styles die – and die fast! They can be the successful show-stopper in one season and gone the next. So stick to the more lasting and more playful ready to wear styles and trends that you can get your hands on.

Finally, AGE DOES MATTER and if someone says otherwise then they must have seen a convincing fifty-year-old gentleman, dressed like he’s in his twenties, who actually pulled it off! If so, I rest my case and withdraw my comments. But since age is not always in the heart and a gentleman in his fifties would never want, nor have, the demeanor and bearing of a much younger man, I will most definitely continue my point. Age does matter. It matters a lot. I have seen a young man and a much older man both wearing the same suit. The difference in appropriate style is 360 degrees and one thing I noticed is that men should wear the garment and never allow the garment to wear them. So dress age appropriately. If you are looking to subtract some years off your biological calendar, add a trendy belt and a solid pale or bold coloured shirt and lose that tie! By doing that, you would achieve both a mature look and a fresher, younger and trendier elegance. Try not to erase the number of glorious years from that salt and pepper Richard Gere natural hair colour by doing otherwise. It looks and feels terrible so please remember who you are as a man and what you do for a living, and never forget that with every year, you gain wisdom in your style and maturity in your looks; which is exactly what younger men are hoping to get when they reach your esteemed age.

And that, dear gents, is enough said.

Stay classy, definitely trendy, and stay true to who you really are – a gentleman inside and out!



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