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ATELIERDOLZI is a non-seasonal brand, Designed in Paris, France, and made in Kuwait.
Kuwaiti entrepreneur Dolzi who was born and raised in Paris is launching the first Blazer collection which is available in 5 different Bold Colors, made in the Middle East Fashion Hub of Kuwait and now introduced to the world.

Dolzi, can you describe the fashion tendencies in Kuwait these days?
Generally speaking, Middle Eastern people are known for being very daring when it comes to fashion. They have very strong stylistic codes and mix different patterns, fabrics, materials and accessories together. These tendencies contrast with fashion in Europe where subtleness and simplicity are more prominent.

With the rise of Street style in Kuwait, the “Sport Chic” look phase is something that we see a lot more today. Indeed, loungewear and athleisure are fashion categories that are very successful in Kuwait, as women love to create the “no effort effort” look: leggings/biker shorts with a plain tank top topped off with a classic or oversized Blazer, trendy sneakers and a luxury designer handbag.

Ready-to-wear is something that women invest a lot more in, compared to a couple of years ago when the majority of the budget would go to high-end designers for evening wear. Today’s consumers are more interested in purchasing clothing that reflects a piece of their culture, and that has a good storytelling behind it. In Kuwait, we have a lot of talented creative local designers that are bringing new perspectives, styles and visions to the market.

The Bold Balzer Collection is so sophisticated. What inspired you to create it?
Growing up, I used to always look into my mother’s wardrobe and watch her wear all of these gorgeous vintage Blazers from Iconic designers. It really started from there but the first time I ever wore a Blazer was when I started university in Switzerland at Glion Institute of Higher Education back in 2014. Wearing a formal suit was mandatory to attend classes. Since formal suits were not part of my usual style, I would always get my way by throwing on a Blazer on an informal outfit.

I immediately understood the power of a Blazer and I started to look more into it, which led me to eventually design my own collection. When designing the collection, I wanted to use Bold colors, to make you feel confident and have all eyes on you.

Tell us about your experience with the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week 2020 digital edition?
It was an incredible experience. I am so grateful to have been a part of the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week 2020 edition and I am very proud to be the first Kuwaiti brand to have been featured in it under the High Patronage of H.H Princess Charlene of Monaco. Introducing Made in Kuwait to the world was one of my goals when I started working on ATELIERDOLZI and having it happen so soon is a dream come true.

The MCFW 2020 edition took place from May 14 to May 18, which included 3 days of presenting sustainable brands from all around the world and having amazing guest speakers from the industry such as Tommy Hilfiger, Alberta Ferretti and Sara Maino the Head of Vogue Talents and Deputy Director of Vogue Italia. I was astonished by the designers’ talent and level of creativity.

Seeing how they strived to create fashionable yet sustainable and ethical collections was incredible. Every brand had a unique story behind it and amazing craftsmanship. You could feel the love and the hard work that every designer has put in. The MCFW 2020 campaign #sustainabletogether raised awareness to the world and I hope that many more designers will continue to educate consumers into being more sustainable with their fashion wardrobes.

Do you plan to keep your production in Kuwait or move to Europe where you were raised and studied?
Absolutely! I will keep the production in Kuwait. Introducing Made in Kuwait to the world was and still is one of my goals for ATELIERDOLZI. It is important for the world to understand that Kuwait has always been at the forefront of the fashion industry: from menswear with the dishdasha and bisht to womenswear with abayas, caftans, evening wear and now ready-to-wear. We have a lot of talented ateliers and tailors. Kuwait’s potential has been underrated for a while. I strongly believe that the rise of amazing local designers to the world will contribute to positive changes.

What is it which makes your brand unique?
ATELIERDOLZI is a non-seasonal brand that offers a collection of Bold Blazers. Every collection has limited quantities with no restock. We minimize wastages by purchasing limited quantities of fabrics and taking orders on a pre-order basis. We only produce a Blazer once an order has been placed. In this way we support local craftsmanship.

ATELIERDOLZI believes in slow sustainable fashion. All of our fabrics are REACH Certified which results in healthier and safer conditions for everyone working with our fabrics, and especially final customers. Our fabrics are continuously and diligently tested in an independent laboratory. Each Blazer is a unique piece of garment produced locally.

When designing the Blazers, I did not include any side pockets for the very simple reason that I want you to feel confident while wearing it. Stand tall, own it and let the Blazer do the work while having all eyes on you.

ATELIERDOLZI is not only a platform supporting current and future leading ladies around the World. We believe in Coopetition rather than Competition. We want to support and help women achieve their dreams by providing them with the brand visibility that they need to boost their careers. ATELIERDOLZI offers brand collaboration opportunities during shooting campaigns and business promotions by featuring you and your business on our channels. We also provide services to help you build your online dream business.

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