Are You Looking For Some Tender, Loving, Couture?!

Are You Looking For Some Tender, Loving, Couture?!
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by: Nilli Zaher

Who doesn’t hunger for some TLC once in a while? We all do, at certain periods in our lives – if not always! And just when we need it, there it comes to the rescue; at a time when we are down in the dumps in our fashion game, lost and alone as if in a vacuum, pitch black with no thoughts of what we want, need or fancy. Have you ever been there? I know I have. But this is not the point or a way to make you feel bad, it can happen to anyone. And I mean anyone.

We all try to keep up with appearances when it comes to fashion choices. While looking for appraisals, we seem to lose sight or miss the whole point entirely and fail to see what is great for this look and what will enhance it; turning a blind eye on that one bad decision that will completely demolish our look to the point of fashion blunder of no return. It’s not really our fault; the chances are that we never sat down in a one-to-one conversation with ourselves to really understand what is ‘style-in’ or, more importantly, ‘style-out’ when it comes to our own TLC. We need to understand what is flattering and what is damaging in our closets.


You definitely must hear terms like trends, styles, fashions, showcase, craze, vogue, rage, mode, mania, must-have, so out, passing fancy, fad, look, classic, latest, so over. The list goes on and on and on. My point is not to bore you, just to inform you that all of those terms we hear lingering around when we shop at any couture house should just be echoes. What we ought to hear is, flattering my figure, praise my style, or acclaim my trend. Because, at the end of the day, us designers want to sell our creations and some would sell anything to anyone. But – and this is a huge BUT – a good, smart, talented, real fashion designer and couturier knows exactly which of his/her latest collections and illustrations will slip on perfectly, complementing the figure of each and every client that walks in to their atelier. There is a goodie bag of ideas and trends suggested to each and every paying customer and it is so wrong to sell the right idea to the wrong kind of figure and vice versa.

Get to know your curves; learn about them and what they need more or less of; learn what will enhance and boost them; and know what will break them if you chose wrongly. It is not so difficult – God bless Google for making such information so accessible and comprehensible to us all. Because of my generous nature and my endless love to my calling profession, I will show you a trick that I entrust to all my darling clients when it comes to knowing your silhouette and what is suitable, what it is a much better fit and what is not. It goes like this:


PUT LESS ON MORE AND MORE ON LESS WITH MODERATION. This short sentence will definitely shine a beam of couture insight light when you are sometimes in the dark, wondering what to decide or what will work best for you. For example, if your body frame or shape is an athletic physique – skinny and slender with no real definitions or curves on the waist or bust area – then viola, just put more on your less area, with moderation. But remember, moderation is key.

Shopping for TLC, or TENDER LOVING COUTURE as I love calling it, is and must be an adventure. Like Alice going down the rabbit hole to a sparkly couture heaven, every visitor there must feel, live, encounter and experience the glitz and glam of it all. So next time you are in the mood for an adventure, choose the right safari guide. In other words, a good designer with a conscience that will accompany you on that ride that will live and last forever in your mind, thoughts and wedding album.

And remember, when you want to picture couture, picture it this way and this way alone. Couture is magic, designers are illusionists, and you lovely darling clients are our show stopping, breath taking act! Until next time, my darlings. Find your TLC. Stay safe and fashionable.

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