Arab Fashion Week 2018

Arab Fashion Week 2018
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by: Sonya Vajifdar

This year saw the 6th edition of Arab Fashion Week hosted in Dubai by the Arab Fashion Council, which was also the first ever ‘floating’ fashion week. The iconic cruise liner, Queen Elizabeth II, provided a fabulous ambiance for the shows. The long runway was perfectly designed for everyone to view from all angles. The week saw a variety of designers from 18 different countries including Russia, Portugal, UAE, USA, Lebanon and Egypt, to name a few, enhancing the diversity of styles and trends seen on the runway.

Whites and pastels stood out and dominated the runway in terms of colours. Capes, corsets maxis and flowing silhouettes made their way down the runway consistently. Sheer was definitely a major trend running through the majority of shows.


Day 1 started with Amato Couture, which was full of whites and crystals followed by Tatiana V. Lyalina who floated through with yummy toned pastels and a full power girly vibe. House of Mua Mua literally spelled out summer for us with kaftans, bright sequins and ruffles; the interesting fact is that her collection also has a charitable aspect as she tries to create awareness about plastic waste. Ilse displayed shades of mauve and glitter, and Humariff went ultra glam and chic!


Day 2 had Simone Racioppo go bold with red and black and fringes and trails all over the runway. Asmaraia came to life with the modern day bride, twisting the colour palate. Rhea Jacobs, the beauty ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty, owned the runway as a show starter and stopper for Fllumaé from USA. I enjoyed watching the Saidi sisters’ playful and feminine
collection full of flowers and happiness. This was followed by Aram Designs who did a lot of overcoats with oversized belts and Aiisha Ramadan who went with a mix of bold and modest styles.

I was pleasantly surprised to see green fashion week take part on Day 3 and introduce the element of two sustainable designers into Arab Fashion Week this year. Being a firm advocate of sustainable fashion I was impressed to see Dubai also taking steps towards it. Day 3 also saw designers Sophia Nubes, Nicole & Felicia, Renato Balestra and finally, Tony Miranda.

Day 4, and the finale of Arab fashion week, was all about 3D starting with designer Yu Jordy Fu who is also the creative director of Then came Harmony. His collection stood out to me. As a designer myself I concentrate a lot on the finishing and quality checking of the garments and his finishing was impeccable! The last show of the night ended with Egyptian designer Asory House who laid out little gift bags before the show started containing her look books and a pendant with her brand logo. She also had a video introduction to her brand.

Thereafter was the gala dinner with live Arabic entertainment. It was a pleasure to watch such diverse designers showcasing their ready pret and couture collections and I look forward to attending the next one!

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