A Surprising Fact

A Surprising Fact
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//Sara Abiqwa//


I’ve come across so many mind hack videos lately that it’s made me wonder what the best method to adopt could be to in order to hack my own mind.

Do I meditate every day? Do I count down from 5 every time I want to do something? Or do I use my body as leverage to help me get where I want in my life?

The answer is none of the above! Why? Because, the fact that there are tens (if not hundreds) of methods to hack your mind and stop your habitual thinking in order to operate at your best self, means only one thing – your best self is already there!

Let me explain by giving a simple example. If a girl goes shopping to find clothes that make her look pretty and she tries a dress that fits, then she tries a skirt that fits, then she tries a pair of jeans that fit, it doesn’t mean that those pieces of clothing made her pretty, it simply means that she has a nice figure and those pieces of clothing just helped her to see that.

This is exactly what mind hacks do. I am not saying they do not help, I am just saying they help us bring out our inner power that is already there in the first place.

Always remember that life happens inside out and not outside in.

Reaching this realization has helped me to enjoy all the mind hacks I’ve tried as part of experiencing new things while staying in touch with my inner power all along. It’s beyond words and beyond understanding. It’s a feeling of strength, confidence, contentment, pure joy and love. It’s the acknowledgement that what we seek is right there within ourselves and not in a faraway land.

Every day becomes an opportunity to evolve and grow into your full potential. Every moment will be a lesson to learn from. Life becomes more enjoyable with its ups and downs, because you know no matter how cloudy it is, the sun is right there behind the clouds waiting to shine back.

“Do not look for happiness outside yourself. The awakened seek happiness inside.” ~Petar Dunov

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