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7 Skin Care Resolutions For The New Year

7 Skin Care Resolutions For The New Year

If your skin is feeling a little lackluster this January, never fear. Here are some New Year skincare resolutions for you all to make and follow in 2018:

You’ve known since middle school that makeup can mix with skin oils and dirt to cause zits. Cosmetics can also trap skin-damaging free radicals that float in the air (think: bus exhaust) against your skin. But you’ve had a long day, and the bathroom sink is 20 feet away… Avoid the situation entirely by washing your face as soon as you get home. At the very least, remove your mascara.

Moisturize every day! For skin that’s as soft and smooth as satin, you’ll want to find a moisturizer that’s just right for your skin. The ideal time to moisturize is immediately following your shower or bath. If your skin is still dry, even with daily moisturizing, don’t be afraid to use moisturizer several times per day.

Just because it is winter don’t think you should toss out that bottle of sunscreen! The cold winter weather does not block you from the sun’s UV rays. By not taking proper precautions, it can still leave you with skin damage because the rays can still remain strong throughout the entire year. If you’re going outside, be sure to wear a sunscreen with a broad spectrum, as well as one that has an SPF of 30 or more.

If you have been slacking in this department, a new year’s resolution will help you fall into a good routine. Make an honest effort to exfoliate at least once a week. Doing so will rid yourself of dead skin cells, which makes room for new, fresh skin!

Clay based masks are a great option for oily skin types that are prone to break-outs. Clay is an excellent ingredient at drawing out impurities that can lead to spots. Kaolin in clay absorbs oil and helps mattify skin. Other ingredients that can be helpful include salicylic acid, glycolic acid, tea tree oil, and retinol.
For dry skin, look for a mask containing hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most hydrophilic (or ‘water-loving’) molecules found in cosmetic products and has an enormous water-binding capacity. It therefore acts as the ideal moisturizer, hydrating dry skin and plumping out fine lines and wrinkles in ageing skin.

This resolution is easier said than done but failing to manage your stress can greatly affect your skin because stress releases hormones such as Cortisol.
This hormone can cause a chain reaction of various chemicals in your body, which results in your skin becoming extra sensitive to external irritators. Make a conscious effort to manage your stress this year by developing effective coping strategies. Think about what relaxes you!

We all love to make New Year’s resolutions but it is very hard to actually stick to them. According to a research, it is estimated that only 8% actually stick to their resolution and achieve them. Be part of that 8% this year! Sticking to any kind of resolution is easier when you have an end goal in mind. Remember that by making these lifestyle changes, you can drastically improve the overall health of your skin.

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