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7 Days, 7 Trends with Carla & Marie

7 Days, 7 Trends with Carla & Marie
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Let’s brighten our Sunday with an eye catching metallic silver outfit. At first sight, it may seem a little too much, but be aware that this metallic trend has been seen at so many shows this season, and it certainly gives a modern and futuristic twist to your look. An alternative, if you don’t want to wear metallic from top to toe, is to mix it up with grey elements. This combo will create a monochromatic feel to your look, which blends in nicely with your chosen silver elements, as per our outfits.

Over the years, business suits have been a way to empower women in the workplace and inevitably have created a new form of office fashion. Well ladies, the good news is that office wear is a hot trend this fall, and by that we mean a trend outside of office hours.

It comes in many styles and shapes but overall it is sleek, sophisticated and feminine.

Carla has gone for an office look made of a pleated skirt with a side detail paired with a very feminine business shirt. The key to this trend is to choose an office style you feel comfortable in and be ready to feel the power!

On Tuesday, we see everything RED. Our inspiration behind this hot trend comes in the form of female empowerment. Just like the previous trend (office wear), this season is all about power dressing and it’s red hot from top to bottom! Not just splashes of red here and there, this is about all-over, entirely matching and pattern-free red.

To show you what we mean, Marie is not only going red in her outfit but also in her choice of lipstick. We just love embracing trends in all its glorious elements.

On the other hand, if you feel a little shy about going red from top to bottom, you can also implement individual touches of red in the likes of the sole of a shoe, the leather of a biker jacket or your nail polish. Just remember that when combined all red elements together, it can be even more powerful. Embrace Tuesday, embrace it in Red!

As mid-week approaches, we are feeling what we call ‘creative comfort’. With this concept the word double denim pops to our mind! It is the 4th trend of our 7 days, 7 trends, which is certainly not going to disappoint you. Not only is double denim a strong contender this fall, there is a lot of variety when it comes to denim wear. Think interesting finishes and unconventional cuts and shapes and you will turn this all time piece into an everyday stylish trend. How do you like Marie’s choice of double denim?

COSY materials in sand and camel tones are a definite trend this fall. Earth shades feel like a second skin and it is one of those colours that just refuses to go out of style – and we totally get it! No matter what time of day or what season you wear it, it still manages to look relevant and sophisticated. We choose to make our second skin look monochromatic (in other words the same colour from top to bottom), which adds an extra bit of elegance and style.


There is something about prints that really captivates us and we are thrilled to see it as a trend this fall/winter ’17. Mixing prints instantly makes your look creative and stylish.
Mixing and matching unexpected pairings of prints, materials and tones is unique, fun and authentic. It may seem challenging at first to style it up, but if you follow this rule of thumb, you will never go wrong mixing prints: ‘Mix motifs and match colours, or match motifs and mix colours’. For example, if you take a close look at Carla’s mix and match prints, she has paired two different motifs but kept the colour palette the same. Give it a try!

Faux fur is one of the most unexpected trends this season, a statement piece that will add playful and fun elements to your seasonal wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to go for rainbow shades and venture out of the neutral category. We have chosen to implement some accents of faux fur in the sleeve of Carla’s shirt and jacket, which adds the touch of style we were looking for.


Photographer: Arsan Hassan (IG: arsan_photography)
Image Consultants: Carla Otero & Marie Auffret (IG: thestylistes)
Carla & Marie’s Wardrobe: LE66, Dubai (IG: le66dubai)
Location: Media One Hotel, Dubai (IG: mediaonehotel)

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