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Culinary holidays are becoming more popular now than ever before. We´ve all started to realize that many of our favourite things to do on holiday and the strongest memories we take back home with us have to do with food. Maybe you took a really great food tour, or you learned to make curry in a cooking class, or you ate at a particularly amazing restaurant. Those are all cherished memories now.

This month we travel to some key food spots. From the most extravagant performance in the White Island of Ibiza, to a romantic dinner in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the highest all day brunch in London, the lobster fever in Zanzibar Island and the world´s first scuba restaurant in Brussels.

Where: Sublimotion, Ibiza, Spain.

Famous for being the party hotspot of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza is also home to one of the most exclusive and innovative restaurants in the world.


Situated in the suave location of Ibiza’s Playa D’en Bossa, at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, Sublimotion is one of the world´s most exciting and groundbreaking gastronomic ventures to date. Architects and designers have joined forces with engineers, illusionists and screenwriters to craft immersive audio/visual experiences to accompany Sublimotion’s Sci-Fi cuisine. The result is a spectacular 3-hour banquet that takes patrons on a journey through different times, places and stages of emotion, from the bottom of the ocean, an air dining experience, street food in Hong Kong or a futuristic dinner with friends in 2050.

The multi-sensory journey consists of a single white dining room set with a table for 12 lucky diners. Using 360 projections and VR technology, Sublimotion literally takes the diner on a journey with their food. Better yet, there´s a restricted and hidden entrance to the space! Guests truly have to experience this dining revolution to fully understand it.

Where: The Rock, Zanzibar Island, Tanzania.

The Rock restaurant is one of the most original restaurants in the world, with its unique position on the waters of the Indian Ocean in the exotic island of Zanzibar in Tanzania.

Originally a very basic structure, having been used as a local fisherman´s post, The Rock is now leased by a local business from the residents of the village of Michamvi. Restructured and decorated in a simple, unfussy local island style, the restaurant specialises in seafood and local tastes.

A panoramic terrace is also available to welcome the guests for a drink or to enjoy a romantic evening under the African sky. The restaurant is reached off the beach on foot at low tide or by boat at high tide.

Where: Duck & Waffle, London, United Kingdom.

Getting to Duck & Waffle is an experience in itself. A glass lift whisks you up to the 40th floor of the Heron Tower and one of the best views in all of London, with the Gherkin and the Shard gleaming in the near distance and the Thames snaking away beneath you. Considered one of the must-visit food places in the city, it offers all-day-dining, literally, as it serves diners from sunrise to sunset, all night and every hour in between, 7 days a week.

The food is a playful take on traditional British cuisine and its European influences, using local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. Dishes are designed for sampling and sharing and are complemented by an iconoclastic cocktail experience served in a vibrant atmosphere that welcomes guests 24/7.

Its signature dish, Duck & Waffle, is a crispy duck leg confit resting on a fluffy waffle, then topped with crisp fried duck egg. Served with some mustard maple syrup on the side, the duck is excellently crisp on the outside, juicy inside.

Where: Baros, Maldives.

The restaurants and destination dining experiences available in the Maldives are beyond compare, taking you from the serenity of a beach at sunset, to the lush greenery of the jungle, to the glittering turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

Thanks to Destination Dining at Baros, guests can enjoy a fine dining experience anywhere on the island. Sometimes a romantic dinner by the ocean is all you need to escape reality for a while and just be in the moment. Nowhere is off limits, from the comfort of their villa terrace, on the beach, to a romantic cruise at sunset on the resort’s traditional wooden dhoni, ‘Nooma’, or a secluded sandbank for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Private dining is also available on the Piano Deck, a unique wooden deck shaped like a grand piano, floating off the coast of Baros. Rise early to witness the sunrise over a breakfast on the piano spot, while away an afternoon with a seafood picnic, or treat a loved one to an unforgettable sunset dinner of reef fish and prawns seasoned with Thai herbs.


Where: Brussels, Belgium.

Located inside the Nemo33 diving centre in Brussels, the Pearl sits five metres below the surface of one of its pools. The restaurant can seat four and features waiters in wetsuits. The spherical eatery is white and has a number of windows that allow diners to look out. It’s also watertight, so customers don’t have to sit in their scuba gear whilst they eat.

If you do dine and dive, you can expect a pretty snazzy experience once you’re down there. Food is served by expert scuba divers who deliver foie gras, lobster salad and champagne in waterproof cases before leaving the diners peering out of the portholes, enjoying the strange tranquillity of eating in an air pocket, completely submerged.

You don’t actually have to wear your air tank – or any scuba gear for that matter – while eating either, because the golf-ball shaped eatery is supplied with oxygen and is air tight. So there’s no chance of your food getting soggy, don’t worry.


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