6 Small Changes that Lead to Big Results

6 Small Changes that Lead to Big Results

//Fatema AlOthman//

When it comes to our health, sometimes it can be hard to see the progress that we’re making. Weight loss, for example, is a lagging measure of our eating and exercise habits in addition to stress or illness. If weight loss is something that we’re intentionally working towards though, assuming that we are generally healthy, the gap between the time when we start exercising and eating healthy and the time when we actually see the payoff from all of our efforts can be a while, and this can be pretty demotivating.
So what can you do?

Build Healthy Habits
Focusing on habits is a much more effective way to achieve results. Habits are about the little things we do every day that are often part of a routine. Understanding the main process of building a habit can help us change them.

  1. Identify Cues and Response
  2. Do A Little Less
  3. Remove Obstacles
  4. Reward Yourself
  5. Temptation Bundling
  6. Habit Stacking

Baby Steps
Remember that the small things that we do each day can have big results, which can have big consequences on our lives. We may not see or feel the difference right away, but we also won’t achieve any results at all if we don’t change anything. The sooner you start establishing healthy habits, the sooner you will see and feel the difference. Any step that you take today is important, even if it’s just thinking about what you’re going to start doing or eating one less cookie in that bag. Your future self will thank you.

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