5 Items you can’t miss for Valentine’s Day

5 Items you can’t miss for Valentine’s Day

With February 14th right around the corner, love is in the air! Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is the greatest excuse to get pampered, especially when it comes from the person you love – whether it’s your significant other, your girlfriend, or even your own self! You’ve probably already started planning gift ideas and evening reservations at your favourite restaurant, but today, let’s just start by chatting about what to wear. For us, a date night outfit should be elegant and super comfortable, so we’ve designed our top five items that can’t be missed in your Valentine’s Day look. And the best bit is, you may already have a lot of these items in your closet!

Red has been linked to romance and Valentine’s Day for a really long time. In fact, red is the colour of heat, passion and love. So it’s no surprise this fiery colour has made it to our top 5 items to inject into your wardrobe for Valentine’s day.

You may be wondering how to combine it to look stylish and current. We have some unexpected and uber stylish colour combinations to mach our beloved Red Valentino. On top of the list comes red and pink. Yes, you’ve read correctly, hot pink and bright red is a genius combination; the two of them just balance each other perfectly and actually make each other look even better!

Another killer colour combo is faded pink and red, or bright blue and red if you want to go more futuristic and edgy. Red and emerald green will give you that touch of old Hollywood glam! So, are you ready to experiment with these matches made in heaven?

Pink is the representation of romance, femininity and charm and this Valentine’s Day it’s our star choice! This strong and elegant colour will be everywhere from decorations to fresh flowers. So, get in the mood and dress yourself in this hue on your romantic date with your other half.

We are strong believers that, even though it’s Valentine’s Day, you shouldn’t be pressured into dressing in traditionally flirty and feminine outfits like dresses and skirts. You can also opt for a top and trousers or, if you tend to shy away from colour, take baby steps by having just one statement piece in this fuchsia tint.

Nothing is more romantic than lace details on Valentine’s Day. While the first thing you’re probably seeing everywhere in lace is lingerie, there are so many fun ways to incorporate lace into your outfit that everyone can see.

Before we delve into ways to wear lace and make it look modern, have you ever thought about the symbolism of lace and its enduring significance throughout history? From fairy princesses to walking down the aisle, from purity to regal elegance, from sweet to sexy, the complex symbolism of lace and its history makes it one of the most substantial yet often over looked fabrications of modern time.

Although lace is a timeless fabric, it is very much on trend right now and the options are endless, from handmade designer lace to high street chic pieces. But bear in mind that lace looks modern when it’s minimal and mixed with the unexpected, like a denim or biker jacket. For dressier looks, simple silhouettes that let the fabric be the focal point will look chic and sophisticated.

Shoes are a woman’s best friend, along with handbags and diamonds, they say. We are inclined to agree. High heels have the power to transform any outfit from dull to fabulous, from the classic pointy heels to the minimalistic sandals. But above all, your heels must be comfortable. Heels that you can’t walk in? They don’t look good on anyone!

What do you think about our shoe picks for your date night? We describe them with three words: modern, glamorous and classic.

We cannot be more excited about the fact that statement earrings are making a huge comeback this year. They are the perfect final touch to your date night outfit.

It’s the perfect accessory to dress up your outfit and a great way to instantly transform your look without breaking the bank. Statement earrings are so versatile and can be worn as a single earring or together. Don’t forget, to make a statement, the bigger the better! Plus, the options are endless, from amazing metal earrings to cool fabrics, from bold colours to pastels. You can go as wild as you want! Are you in love with this trendy item yet? You will certainly create a sense of personality and style.

A final note from us, Carla and Marie: ‘Valentine’s day is whatever you decide it to be. Love should be celebrated each day and a declaration of love can come in the form of a note or a simple text, which can be more valuable than all the presents in the world’.


 Photographer: Arsan Hassan (IG: arsan_photography)

Image Consultants: Carla Otero & Marie Auffret (IG: thestylistes)

Carla & Marie’s Wardrobe: Zara

Location: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

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